Platja d'en Repic: a historic coastal town with its beach of Port de Sóller

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Hey guys,

today I continue with my travel reports about Mallorca :) Since I have to report about a beach (because normally you are there most of the time when you fly to Mallorca ;), I will present you the city beach Platja d'en Repic today. Maybe you will even know it - because it is one of the few sandy beaches along the picturesque west coast of Mallorca with the Serra de Tramuntana and therefore always very well visited. The beach is about 350 m long and about 20 m wide and is located in the southern part of the natural harbour bay of Port de Sóller. Which is perfect for smaller children: it falls relatively shallow into the water. Due to its sheltered location (the beach is practically a very big bay) high waves are rather rare. The water is crystal clear and clean despite the proximity of the harbour and yet relatively many tourists. Also the beach seems to be relatively clean.

The beach of Port de Sóller

The city beach has a very well developed infrastructure because of its location in the middle of the harbour town Port de Sóller. There are public showers and toilets and even handicapped accessible.

You can rent beach chairs and parasols for a small fee or rent canoes and pedal boats and go out into the bay. A small tip: pay attention to the boat traffic from and to the harbour, as several times a day, during the summer months, excursion boats leave here for Sa Calobra. You can orientate yourselves by the buoys, they mark the fairways. In the high season the beach is guarded by lifeguards.

What was really perfect (and for all those who like to shop and then lie down on the beach) is the promenade directly adjacent to the beach, lined with palm trees. There are lots of restaurants, bars and shops along the promenade.

You can drive to the beach with your car (there are paid parking lots nearby), but we took the tram, because it's a great experience here: Not the driving itself, but the tram is historic and looks super chic I have actually never seen such a beautiful tram before ;)) A stop of the historic tram, which runs between Sóller and Port de Sóller, is very close.

Approach with car: From Soller, take the MA-11 in the direction of Port de Soller. Shortly before Port de Soller turn left onto the MA-1134, then you will come directly to the beach.

Platja d'en Repic may not be one of the most beautiful beaches on Mallorca (there are many smaller beaches that can only be reached by boat), but it has everything you need to enjoy a nice day of swimming in a picturesque bay. In the immediate vicinity you can shop, eat and explore the city.

The beach is a mixture of sand and gravel with calm, normally sloping water. In the immediate vicinity is the idyllic port of Port de Sóller, which you should definitely visit. I would have liked to show you pictures of the harbour, but the holiday has been over a year ago and I couldn't find all the pictures anymore.

All in lalem you can say that the beach is a rather quiet holiday resort, for families with children the beach is ideal. (If you were hoping to see some party pictures, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you, I was there with my family and we only visited the "quiet" part of Mallorca.

Coastal town Port de Sóller

A little more history about the port and the small city: Port de Sóller, the port of Sóller, is a coastal town in the middle of the Serra de Tramuntana. The oldest traces of earlier settlements date back to the Copper Stone Age. The Phoenicians and Greeks had bases in the area and the Romans established a trading port in the Badia. When the Arabs conquered Mallorca, they cultivated the area around Sóller and created irrigation systems for olive groves. But the bay was also repeatedly attacked by pirates and North African corsairs.

Many years later the Torre Picada tower was built above the bay (on one of the pictures you can see it very small in the distance). It is one of 85 other towers that were built to watch and defend the coast.

Port de Sóller was for a long time an important port in the Serra de Tramuntana. It was a large production area of fruit, vegetables and citrus fruits, which were shipped to France and the Spanish mainland. It was only when the railway, the Tren de Sóller, came into operation that the port lost its importance for the economy. The mountain range was no longer isolated from the rest of the island. Thus, the goods could now be brought up to the island capital Palma. The loss with the port was made up for a year later with the inauguration of the tram link from Sóller to Port de Sóller. Until today, the Tramvia de Sóller is a unique tourist attraction on the Balearic Island (cover picture, I told you a little bit about it above).

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That's a charming tram indeed. I've always wanted to ride one of those. When I was a kid the street behind mine had some old rails visible in parts here and there and Dad used to tell me about the times our city had a tram (before his own existence of course). It's a pity they got rid of such a cool transportation, to give place to noisy buses.