The former fishing village Can Picafort is today a tourist attraction

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Hey, guys,

today my last Post about our holidays on Mallorca! And then about the place where we spent most of the time during our stay in Mallorca: In Can Picafort. Here was also our hotel. Can Picafort is a rather quiet family-friendly place in the north-east of Mallorca.

The place at the bay of Alcúdia (if you want to know something about Alcúdia, please have a look at my last Post ;)) is completely designed for tourism. At the promenade of Can Picafort you will find many bars and restaurants. There is also a shopping street for the day and a pedestrian area for the evening (which is really very practical). Small tip: Only approximately in the middle between Alcúdia and Can Picafort there is the possibility to lie on the long sandy beach of Alcúdia without all the hustle and bustle on the beach. Contrary to Palma de Mallorca, here, everything is a little calmer, but this can also be very pleasant.

Can Picafort is only accessible by public transport. We were taken to the hotel by a coach (transfer bus). Just by this you can see that the place is very touristic. The most important connection goes to Alcudia. From there you can reach Palma de Mallorca via Inca.

We rented a car for the week and it was definitely worth it! In general, it is highly recommended to rent a car in Can Picafort. Already alone because the two biggest supermarkets are rather on the outskirts of the village. In addition, the public transport is quite poor (we took the bus exactly once, but had to wait very long). One is designed for holidays at the beach. If you want to experience Mallorca, you should already have a car, at least for a few days.

Also possible, but we did not do that: You can rent bicycles in the whole village for little money. You can take a picnic basket with you and explore the lonely coastline east of Can Picafort (which is often there!).

A brief mention of Can Picafort: it is a former fishing village. On the pictures you can see the beach of Can Picafort.

Even though Can Picafort is very much oriented towards tourism, the normal life of the locals on the other side still takes place here (although sometimes a bit more hidden). Here you can still get a real insight into the Majorcan everyday life, the language, the habits and the typical dishes.

The bay of Alcudia is altogether 17 kilometres long. For beach lovers (like me ;)) the beach of Can Picafort was especially interesting. It slopes gently down to the sea and is 1.3 kilometres long. Sunbeds and umbrellas can also be rented. Water sports are also offered here, we saw some water skis for example. In addition, jet skis are available for hire, boats can also be hired. In the proximity of Can Picafort there is not only Alcudia as already mentioned but also Pollenca.

I hope you enjoyed reading ;)


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I see many beautiful places in the picture.Really the perfect place for a travel.

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Awesome post!! I've never heard of Can Picafort, but have many friends that have only good things to say about Mallorca.

Thanks ! Yeah Mallorca is great your Friends are right 😜😍

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