Hiking trip to Kozia Stena in Bulgaria

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At the beginning of July, with my friends, we made a hiking trip to Kozia Stena in Middle Stara Planina - Bulgaria.

We started our trip from Beklemeto Pass, also known as Troyan Pass.

We passed through the "Kozia Stena" Reserve. It is located on the land of the village Chiflik, Troyan Municipality. This is the smallest reserve included in the Central Balkan National Park.

The weather was foggy and often rainy, but we were prepared and well equipped and that didn't bother us.

The area where the Kozia Stena reserve is located is steep and difficult to access, as it is located on the steepest parts of the northern slope of Stara Planina.

The most famous part of it is the rock formations representing a rock crown with steep, almost vertical slopes on the north side.

These rocks are located approximately in the middle of the road to the "Kozia stena" hut to which we were headed.

The path passes along the very edge of the rock and there is a steel rope on the dangerous sections.

After the goat wall traverse, we reached the "Red Puddle" pass. A small red lake in the area where there were many beautiful horses.

The reserve is extremely beautiful and rich in rare plant and animal species. We saw so many plants: wild orchids, edelweiss, thyme, moon fern.

We saw many anthills of all sizes and shapes.

There were so many snails:

We chose to cross the Dog Peak west of Goat Wall. It is 1660 meters high and passes through the southern border of the reserve. The peak is located in an area with extremely valuable vegetation - here we were able to see edelweiss.

We were approaching the hut and the path to it became more and more picturesque. The fog was rising and more and more beautiful views were unfolding before us.

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The hut "Kozia stena" soon was revealed to us - a massive three-story building in which we stayed.

After we had a rest, we took a walk in the area.

We climbed high and enjoyed the sunset which was uniquely beautiful.

The next day, after a great breakfast prepared by the cool hosts, we returned to Beklemeto.

Thank you for stopping by!

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The place is amazing but the weather ....
When I see the fog, I know how uncomfortable must feel.

Thank's for comment @erikah 🙂! In fact, there was a charm and a mystery in the fog. We got used to her presence, and when she began to be distracted, the views that unfolded to us were even more impressive.

I can imagine that. I'm a mountain lover and know how it works, so I bet the view was a real treasure.


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Thank you @leslierevales!

You are most welcomed 😉

I love foggy weather. I like your photos so much. I think the foggy weather has added beauty to them.

Thank you @ssygmr! Yes, definitely the fog adds the additional beauty to the landscapes!

Absolutely! 😊 You’re welcome @vesytz 😊

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It seems to be a long risky trip. Good post.

Very good trip! Thanks for comment @ladyfont 👍

Браво, чудесен поход сте си направили! Хубаво "зареждане на батериите" и чудни кадри, както винаги на ниво ;) Еделвайсът - хубаво е, че го има още и късметлии, че сте го открили :) Поздрави!

Много благодаря @lightcaptured. Много зареждащ преход беше наистина, а да наблюдаваме еделвайса сред върха - толкова приятен спомен носи... 😍 !

Сигурен съм! Следваща цел? :)))