Pirin - Samodivski lakes, Kralev Dvor Gate, Tevno ezero

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Last week with my friends we had a great hiking trip in Pirin Mountains.

We took the lift from Dobrinishte to Bezbog hut.

The Bezbog hut is located on the shores of Lake Bezbog at an altitude of 2236 m. It is situated at the foot of Peak Bezbog and is a hub for very short and longer tourist routes.

The weather was perfect and the clouds so beautiful.

We quickly headed to the beginning of the tourist route, which we had planned.

We passed through beautiful paths and enjoyed the beautiful panoramic views.

We reached Popovo Lake and after a short break, we continued to the planned destination for the day - Samodivski Lakes.

Samodivski lakes are considered one of the most beautiful in Pirin. I visited them last year and wished to return to this place someday again. I'm glad it happened so soon.

The next day more of our friends joined us and together we continued to Tevno Lake .

We passed through the left Kralev Dvor Gate, which is impressive with shape and height.

We went down to Lake Tevno, where we spent the night.

The shelter is a massive two-storey building and is located at an 2512 m above sea level.

Tevno Lake is the eighth largest in Pirin. It is located below the peaks Momin Dvor and Valyavishki Chukar.

The lake is sixth-highest in Pirin.

View to the Kamenitsa Peak. We were going to climb it!

Thank you for stopping by!

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Very nice posts!
I am afraid I could not see your posts on my feed several days, on ecency app.

I wonder why! I thought you didn’t have internet connection on the mountains!!

Lovely to see photos of your expedition!

Would love to tag along!!


Thank you so much @kaminchan! Yes, I didn’t have an internet connection due to our expedition to these high beautiful places. It was an extremely nice experience 😍

What an amazing experience, stunning landscapes and i LOVE the reflections in the water! have fun.

Thank you @the-busy-bee 🙂

Уникална красота!

Така е 👍🙂 Разкошен е Пирин 🛤😍

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