Changing Murals on the Facade of the INBA

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For this week's CCC's Street Art Contest I want to include another mural from the are I have features before. The Flaming Child, the Sacred Condiments, and even The Burrón Family can all be found on the same block of Calle Regina, in the center, close to the metro station Isabel la Católica. There may be a good reason for all this street art in one place: the office of the Secretary of Public Education, part of Mexico's National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature.

Constantly Changing Wall Paintings

Just like most walls in this street, the front facade of this government office is an ever changing canvas for skilled muralists, who keep decorating this surface wall with new and spectacular images.

I remember taking a picture of it not so long ago, with the intention of posting about it. Well, that never happened, and when I ventured into that street again recently, the mural had been replaced by another one. No reason I could not post both of them here... even though the contest rules only allow me to use one image for the contest. Well, which one shall it be? Hmmmm... Before deciding, let me introduce the past one.


In this mural, I suppose the artist gave us an image of himself: wearing a hoodie, and armed with a spray can, he poses in front a backdrop of space, complete with stars and a red glowing galaxy. In front of him, at the bottom of the mural, is a very intricate lettering of a graffiti tag... Please don't ask me to decipher it. But if you think you can, I'm always happy to hear it. The same thing goes for the artist's signature in one (or both?) top corner.

Presently a Much Simpler Image

To get an idea of how things change, here is the current appearance of the same wall. It features a feline shaped plume of smoke. Is it a puma, the mascot animal of the major public university UNAM? Or possibly a black panther, the mascot of the other big public University UAM? It's probably one of each... At a closer look you can find a second smokey cat, painted in red above the black one.


Looking at the artist's tag, it is not too hard to make out satrxx, whose typical images are smokey looking wolves, panthers, lions, raccoons, and even falcons. Okay, that should be enough to decide. I'll go with this present image for the contest.


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Stunning work done by satrxx, I like this smokey design.

Impressive works... Thanks for sharing these pics, The StreetArt Community

Impressive works. The first one is a lot more detailed but I actually prefer the second one. Simpler but cute and also easier on the eye. Great finds. 🤗