My Final Steem Power Down: Closing a Chapter || Goodbyes

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So Much Sadness


I did my final, my last power down on the Steem Blockchain yesterday, and let me tell you it feels weird and sad, I joined steem 2 years ago in January of 2018 just a few days before I got pregnant, and not only did I meet amazing people there that I consider great friends but I also benefit economically from it, when I joined the SBD was at 6$ each so yeah those were good times! And I know, I know we all move here and is so much better cause now this house really belongs to us contrary to what steem became like a rented place where the landlord wasn’t you to suck his dick, but I still feel sad.

I never did a power down in the 2 years I was there, I am from Venezuela and we have a very difficult economic situation here so, that was hard not to do but, I believed in the blockchain and wanted to grow my account, I think it feels sad cause the decision to leave Steem and just be loyal to Hive was not a decision that I took because I wanted but because I had to because what once was my house, was not anymore, I was force to move and it makes me mad actually that I had to.

I really wish the Steem power down would have help me to buy some HIVE to power up and make my account grow even more but, I used it to buy food and diapers and it doesn’t really matter cause, I have manage to accomplish the 1000 Hive Power mark so much faster than what it took me to get to the 500SP in the first place, and it is all because of my posting here.

So, to celebrate this milestone in the Hive Blockchain I even started an initiative with this post -> 🌟 Can We Venezuelans Do a HIVE Power Up Day? #HPUD 😎 💪 🌟 so many are interested in participating and we even have some people saying they want to sponsor some prices to the participants. This will help people get use to power up even if is little amounts every time and not just withdraw every single coin they get liquid.

Anyways I did a last post in the steem blockchain like 2 weeks ago and now this is my last good bye to a blockchain that had given me so much, is sad but I am also excited for what the future hold for me in Hive and that is what I will focus from now on.

Good Bye Steem!

As always, thank you very much for reading me and
I hope to read your comments!

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So what you did after powering down? I know it's pretty bad time for encashing as the return is minimal...still any special planning to get best of last Steem😉

i already spended it LMAO i bought food with it, it was like 15$ when i turned it to fiat so i used it to buy cheese, some eggs, corn flour (in Venezuela we eat Arepas!) and diapers for the baby.

i wish i could have use it in a more fun way like buying Hive or something but girl has to eat you know? lol

Girls like to eat🤨...well not in India, they like to do dressing a lot. Like shopping and getting unnecessary beautification. 🤪...eating is like messing with their make up....but glad to see you making use of it intelligently....👌 A great example of beauty with brain....💪

Well i do eat and a LOT! 🤣😆 The girl who says she doesnt like to eat is cause she is embarrassed but we like to more than men sometimes 🤣🤣🤣
I would love to buy clothes ans shoes not so much make up cause i dont use it much but omg i would love to get some beautiful clothes i just dont have enough money to actually afford that. 🤪😅

Adjustment in life is what many people.doing...glad the way you are managing stuff...keep rocking 👌

I powered down as soon as #Hive launched. It seems like it is taking forever.

I did too but then when they change the power down time frame to 4 weeks i stopedit and restarted it so i could make it faster

Si! al fin jejeje ¿entonces si lo cancelo y lo vuelvo hacer sera mas rápido?

si lo habias comenzado antes del hf 23 de steem que se demoraba 13 semanas el cambio a 4 semanas no se hace automatico debes detener el actual y comenzarlo de nuevo para q sea solo 4 semanas.

Tienes que ver si te conviene porque si tienes menos de 4 semanas ya pendientes en u actual power down no vale la pena reiniciarlo.

Gracias por el dato, siempre que paso por tus post aprendo algo 😁 👍

jajaja esa es la idea que bueno que mis post te ayuden!

Me suscribo a tus palabras, no tenía mucho SP y justo también estoy realizando mi último power down en la plataforma de steemit, de verdad que nos dió tanto, y así recordaré todo lo bueno y lo bonito que me hizo vivir esa plataforma. Siempre hay que quedarse con lo bueno de cada experiencia, hoy en día muchos reniegan pero en la vida hay que ser agradecidos. Vendrán más éxitos para ti en Hive porque eres dedicada y haces un arduo trabajo.