Grab Your Spot on the Couch {Top 3 Contest: TV Box Sets}

Hey friends! It is that time again--a new month for the @yourtop3 contest! You can check out the contest post here to join in with us for another round of fun and entertainment. Each month we present a new topic to ask the Hive community what their top choices are, then we put it out for a vote to determine the winners for the month. During these crazy times, it is definitely a nice little distraction to not only ponder your choices, but also to see who tops the list each month!

This round we've asked you to name your top 3 favorite television show box sets. The panel and I have received a little bit of razzing about the choice of wording, perhaps dating ourselves a bit as so much entertainment comes in the form of streaming these days. Luckily we didn't make a requirement for participation ACTUAL ownership of said sets, though as you can tell from my photos two of my choices I do still physically own. Hey, there was a time not all that long ago I lived in an apartment with no cable or internet (I worked ALL the time, so didn't need it at home), so these sets were some of my only non-literature source of entertainment at home. 😂


Often I feel like I'm well behind on watching the latest good shows, so my choices are all a bit "vintage" in some ways. The first is a total throwback to the end of high school and beginning of college, which will explain why it might have resonated so much with me. The second definitely got me through some really crappy years being stuck working in a job where I really wasn't happy, so it provided some comic relief after long days in retail. The third was tough to nail down, but both @dksart and I really enjoyed watching it--which is often rare for us to find a whole series that we both can enjoy! Without further ado here are my (non-eligible as a panel member) choices for your enjoyment or to poke fun at me and my taste in shows...

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This months topic is FAVORITE TV BOX SETS

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One



My Reasons for the Nomination

Felicity follows the life of a young girl (Keri Russell) who changes her college plans at the last minute to follow her high school crush (Scott Speedman) to New York. The show first came out while I was a Junior in high school, so it was right at the time I was starting to think about college, as well. The seasons coincided with her four years of college, so I remember getting together with my dorm mates for the second two seasons to watch it each week and relate to her life and experiences. My college years were a mixed bag--lots of highs but lots of lows (like most everyone else I know)--but those memories of hanging out watching shows like this or movies with the friends I had back then are some of the best, albeit simple moments of joy and fun.

Someone makes fun of me a good bit for my affinity for this show, but I'm sticking to my guns as it being one of my faves. I actually had a good laugh with @dksart recently as we watched the latest Star Wars movie and realized that Keri Russell and Greg Grunberg (who was also one of the characters in the show) both had parts. Both Scott Speedman and Scott Foley (the main love interests for the title character) had gone on to do pretty well after the series ended in their careers, as well.

Nomination Number Two

The Office (US)


My Reasons for the Nomination

I know this series originated across the pond where two of the other panel members also originated, but I have still only seen the US version. Perhaps some day I'll actually watch the British version, however I am quite partial to the Jim and Pam that I know and love. Dwight is another character that is so ridiculous, but he grows beets on his farm, so how can a veggie-loving gal not love him? I find Steve Carell quite hilarious in almost anything he does, including his character Michael Scott. Sometimes you just have to feel bad for the shenanigans he gets into on the show, but there's always some good laughs to balance it out.

This is a choice some folks might think is terrible. It is one I can pick up at any point and enjoy, though. I think I've watched the entire series from beginning to end at least twice, if not three times. Might just pick it up again at some point, too, because I can. As long as I still have a DVD player that works...😉

Nomination Number Three


My Reasons for the Nomination

This is the only series that I do not actually own the box set, but I would definitely enjoy watching it another time through to pick up on things I missed the first time around. A serial killer who kills serial killers. What's not to love? A bit darker than my other choices, though it is a series that I know many others who have really enjoyed it, as well. A great plot, excellent acting, and there was really only one season that fell flat for me. One of the only times @dksart and I have dressed up for a Halloween party we actually went as Dexter and his sister Deb. If you don't mind a some blood, I highly recommend it.

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That's it for my choices this round! As always, we look forward to seeing which ones you pick for the month. Plenty of time left to join in the contest with your own entry...

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OMG, Dexter... I haven't thought about that show for years!
I think I made it through the first season once, when it was broadcasted on TV here.

Have never seen the others, though. haven't ever heard of the first one

Oh man, you have to go back and watch the whole series! It was really so well done. I think it was the 4th season that kind of lost me, but then it picked back up the next and I was sucked right back in.

Yeah, Felicity may be one that only sits well with American women in my cohort for just the reasons I shared, haha. 🤷‍♀️

Well, if you think your selection is dated, wait until you hear mine. If I can dredge up three. The first that sprang to mind, I originally saw on video.... Felicity - I get why you enjoyed it, and why it sticks with you, although I confess I never watched it. As for The Office...I've never watched that either.

Clearly, I'm going to shape up really well this month!!

It seems shows come out so quickly anymore with this digital age, so I suppose anything older than the last few years seems dated! I am sure you would have some good ones in the vault. Though as always, only if you have the time to spare. We always enjoy the story. ;)

Hahahaha! We shall see...

I’ll give you points for the actually having the original box sets and for dexter and sort of the office but no way can I condone felicity I would sooner have you watch Xena warrior princess than felicity! That show goes against everything I believe to be right and true about good television before streaming and I would sooner see myself watch Dawson’s creek or party of 5 before I lay my eyes on that show! You can’t make me okay? I won’t do it

Hahaha, well I actually did watch both Dawson's Creek and Party of 5, too. @dksart won't watch it with me either, so I reserve the ultimate chick stuff for the rare occasion I'm watching alone. 😂

Haha how dare you use the phrase "box set", that's a crime against this contest, I'm going to downvote... blah blah blah 😃

I tried watching the UK office when the first episode came out in the UK but I couldn't stand the cringe factor and had just watched another comedy show that had me in stitches before so probably affected my initial reaction to it. I have not watched the US Office though.

In fact, I've not seen any of these at all! I can't bring myself to watch too much TV these days although some programs make it through the net!

I see you've been suitably razzed for Felicity!

Haha, yep, razzed on all levels though nice to know I have a little redemption for actually owning some of the sets and fully committing. ;) Yeah we really have a hard time committing to a series sometimes. Especially this week. With being back to early mornings all week and being so busy I basically go straight to bed at 8pm every night, so we haven't watched any shows together all week!

Haha true, you went whole hog on your choices so no-one will hold that against you... well... maybe 😂

Well, maybe a good thing to get back in to a routine, watching TV doesn't pay the bills... not yet anyway!

It took me so long to get into the Office. It was so dumb! I was wondering how people could just sit and watch how dumb these people are. But then I started liking...omg whats his name. The guy with the farm, Schrute... or whatever. Im tired lol. Jims nemesis XD. I thought he was pretty funny. I didn't watch it all, Danny would and every now and then I would tune it. Some parts were pretty funny.

Loving the Star Wars links. I've never heard of Felicity.

As you've rightly pointed out, The Office is the brainchild of Ricky Gervais. It's a funny one this one for me because I struggle with embarrassing situational comedy ala Sasha Baron Cohen. Gervais loves the awkward moment and it just kills me! I can take up to 5 minutes of it and then it has to go. I've seen an awful lot of clips of it though. Martin Freeman and Mackenzie Crook are awesome in it too.

I've never watched the US copy of it. I'm a fan of Steve Carrell though. Gru is one of my favourite characters. 😁 You should definitely check out the UK version to see if it works for you guys, stateside.

Dexter! Now we're talking. I'm on series 4 on my third go around. Love it.

Yes, not too surprised about Felicity. I loved it, but it's probably not one I'd recommend anyone else watch unless it's my niece when she's about to go into college...🤣

I can definitely understand the uncomfortable humor aversion. There are ones that take it too far and make it hard for me to watch, too. I'll have to finally check out Ricky Gervais in the original to see how it compares to the US version. Comedies are one genre Dave and I can usually agree on when it comes to entertainment.