The joy on the face of a man who's having his first beer in 6 months | #BeerSaturday

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This was a time out with @mpaul, we opted to go and watch last weekend's match Chelsea vs Liverpool at the restaurant since the bar are not yet allowed to operate till late, I don't know the specific time because I stopped listening to meaningless news about the whole covid thing over a month ago.


Anyway back at the subject at hand, last Saturday was the first time I had beer in six months, I remember my last beer was less than a week before lockdown in March, during lockdown ban was placed on sale of alcohol and all I had was wine because I had a bottle in the house.

Boy I enjoyed every sip of my beer, I was thirsty for six months and my thirst was quenched at the very first sip. I smiled, I laughed, I was happy.
You don't want to deprive a man from his beer!

My favorite beer Heineken wasn't available so myself and @mpaul opted for Castle Lite which was fairly okay, I guess @rynow knows this beer and might have had it some time as a beer lover and we both reside in South Africa.


We had two rounds each of Castle Lite, enjoyed the game which my team Chelsea ended up losing but I still managed to smile and not let the loss spoil my evening.


I have always want to partake in the #BeerSaturday so finally here is my first post which I find quite interesting to write.

Happy weekend and enjoy every sip of your beer. 🍻

We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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Hey bro!😃
You really enjoyed that beer uh!? I can imagine after so much time!😉
Nice to read good vibes articles like this!🔝
I stop listen news on TV from many years, at work they only speak about Covid anyway...🤦

Hahahah! yes bro look at the joy on my face 😄, thanks for stopping by bro it's just a bunch of crap on the news so I have no time for it.

@tipu curate

Many thanks @elikast 🙂

You are welcome!

oo nice! hope you enjoyed it ;) <3

LOL yes I did thanks Zhila!

hello dear friend @joetunex good afternoon
It is good that you have gone out to watch a soccer game with your friend and he will take advantage of the occasion to drink some delicious beers.
beer is the drink for these occasions.
I've ever had that beer, it feels great.
I appreciate that you let us know all the details of this activity that you have done
have a wonderful afternoon

Thanks my friend it was such fun, I will do it again soon. Have a blessed day brother.

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