The Uprising Filipino Artists and Their Works|| #1 Featuring The Clay Artist

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Filipinos are known to have amazing talents that we can be proud of in the whole world. So I decided to share to you some uprising Filipino artists in their different fields of work that I personally admire.

Everyweek I will feature a Filipino artist, their remarkable works and how they started. They're maybe not yet so famous for now, but I know with their talents plus dedication and perseverance, they will someday be known not only here in Philippines but also to the whole world.

Today, I will gladly introduce you, Ms. Ricalyn Tonelada-Obien, a clay artist from Camarin, Caloocan (Philippines).


She started making clay way back in 2014. That time, she and her husband didn't have a work and need to feed their children. In order to generate an income, Rica sold her cd writer for one thousand pesos to buy some necessary materials needed in clay molding.

She then made some earrings, chibi keychains and mini food from clay and posted it online. She received a positive feedback from her clients resulting to more referals and orders.


She was already featured in various tv programs.

  1. GMA News Tv -Pinasarap ni Ms. Kara David
  2. PTV4 - Artsy Craftsy
  3. NET25 - Pambansang Almusal


She was very dedicated in her chosen field and always gave her best in her every artwork.


To know more about Ricalyn, you can visit her on:
FB Page:
Youtube channel: The Rhicrafts

Nextweek, another Filipino Artist will be featured here. Gett to know them and know their story. Just keep tuning in. Good day everyone.


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Oh I just LOVE those miniature plants! She is incredibly talented! And how lovely of you to share it here! !tip

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Well, I can't help but share her awesome works. I really feel in love with those artworks. And thank you @jaynie for noticing this post.

I would love yo join you also in your community in discord. Thank you for inviting.☺️

My pleasure! And yes I can see why you fell in love hahahaha!!! They are AMAZING!

Indeed! I enjoyed watching them. 😂 makes my eyes 💓.

hahaha I agree! :)

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@jaynie thank you for that Hive tip. ☺️ i already followed you and wanna enjoy also reading your posts. GODBLESS..

Talented naman niya. It's a success story for gambles that paid off.

Yes po. And I salute her perseverance and hardwork. Pamilya at kawalan ng pinansyal kasi ang naging rason ng lahat. Pag kasi ganun, you're always thinking if giving your best.