WATP Statistics - #11

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Hello #Hive,

#WhoAreTheyPhilippines Weekly Statistics.

The charts below allow you to see how each feature performed in terms of monetary rewards, contributions, comments, upvotes and reblogs.
They are also a way to be completely transparent in regards to the contributions received and used.

I am open to any ideas or suggestions for this post. In case you'd like to see different charts or statistics, just let me know and I can work on it provided that the data is available. The same way, I could remove the ones you judge useless.

Please note that this post is set at a 50%/50% payout and the HBD part of it will be kept in the wallet for a potential undervalued feature. As of this post, there is HBD 24.788 available for that purpose.

Editions Statistics

Post Payout Vs Contribution

Monetary Rewards

Used Contributions

Total Upvotes

Total Comments

Total Reblogs


As of today, @whoaretheyph has received a total of HBD 234.904 from 17 contributors. HBD 208.604 has already been used for the last 15 #WATP editions which means that there is HBD 26.300 remaining for future features.

A big thank you to @ybanezkim26, @discoveringarni, @kayceeports2020, @romeskie, @wandergirl, @iamraincrystal, @iamyohann, @viking-ventures, @kneelyrac, @josejirafa, @macchiata, @bigtom13, @jubei333, @jurich60, @thegaillery, @glecerioberto and @mrnightmare89 for their contributions.

Total Contributions Received

Total Contributions Used

Remaining Contributions

Top Upvoters

This is it for this week, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

For all of you being tagged to this post, leave a comment if you don't want to be mentioned in the future.

I'll see you next week with the updated statistics.


thank you for all that you do 😄😄

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