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         Conflicts and toxicity come and go on the internet. It's nothing new. But sometimes, the drama can be the highlight of a social platform. Many of us would be lying if we claim we have never participated in any online "discussions". More often than not, they are pissing contests between people without any basis.

         For me, I do like a few conflicts here and there to keep things interesting. Of course, there are some subjective limits. There's a fine line between legitimate grievances and downright harassment. At the end of the day, only the community can decide what is and what is not tolerated.

         I once heard somewhere that the community is only as good as the worst person you allow to be part of the platform. Throughout my years in online communities, it almost feels like the gospel truth. If there is ever to be a standard, even in a so-called decentralized space, it should be that bottom. Since the goalpost is fluid in nature, it should come as no surprise that views shift over time.

         At the end of the day, what you agree with or disagree with might change tomorrow. This is especially true if they are trivial matters. Some may find drama funny. Some may find drama distasteful. Whatever value you find in those supposed human interactions, they are facts of life.

         Anyways, I'm not here to tell you about the philosophies behind drama or filling you in with more words. I am here to show you a simple flowchart of how I handle drama on the platform. Enjoy.


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Not enough dick jousting with whales to truly encompass a realistic flow chart of how shit gets dealt with in these parts.. wkwkwk

I thought you already cornered the market in the jousting department?

It's not much fun to joust with myself.. At this point in time I've decided I no longer care to appease the big heads so between working double a normal humans hours on codebases that will ultimately exonerate my current low social status and solve a number of long running architectural issues to do with liquidity on our network I like to dick joust thicc whales..

The goal is to ultimately make everyone on HIVE rich whilst taking brief breaks throughout the day, primarily consisting of trying to explain to people somehow have skewed their vision for what we're trying to accomplish and allowed for the removal funding from developers in favour of chasing the broken peg dragon to become fashionable.. all the while completely dismissing the quite clearly voiced omens going around that a decent percentage of our developer community is to the point they've started questioning what the fuck they're even doing here.

So far not a single "lower" caste developer has inferred to me that I'm out of line, it's only a small cell within the comfortable upper echelons of the HIVE Bilderburg committee that seem to be trying to infer that because our long broken peg isn't working worth a shit that somehow that's our responsibility to correct when the truth of the matter is all of the other graphene chains with fucked pegged currencies are operating just fine without needless cannibalizations of their community development force.

I dunno, kind of fucking sucks at the end of the day. Just when you start getting some wind in your sails and momentum built up out of left field the powers at be decide bag pumping under the guise of peg stabilizing is more important than supporting what you're working on. Regardless of funding I'm still going to work on and release these projects.. But sure as fuck won't allow myself to think that support around here for ecosystem builders is something that can be depended on, as a single individual or small group are the ones at the end of the day who decide how funds intended for community developing are used. :(

It will get better. Hopefully.

Hope you still have enough funding left.

Eh. I'm not going to abandon development even if I'm starving for a bag of avacadoes and some spinach dip.. Eventually with enough hard work I won't be at the whim of others decision making.. The mind can wander into some really dark fucking places when you start dissecting the situation but for my own sanity sake and for the sake of HIVE I hope the motiviation behind all this horse shit isn't something malicious.. Generally have pretty good faith in our group of elites.. But in this instance it seems that either priorities or motivators have been altered from support the community so it supports you, to a more underhanded approach of manipulating HIVE price upwards.

For the record I do see the value though of what HBD stabilizer is trying to do.. I just don't think it should be what the majority of DHF funds are being applied to.. Or better yet get the developers that were funded on board and have them sell HBD -> BTC -> HIVE and power up or burn whatever they don't need for development expenses.

I dunno.. It all boils down to being sad and going from feeling like the community finally was getting behind development efforts.. to essentially developing 2 massive projects on top of the sites I'm already running for what ends up amounting to a little over $20 a day income that I can't even directly access due to it being paid to my witness as HP. Sure the increased HBD payments were nice, but ending up not being supported for weeks or months while we stuff cash into a broken peg system because a few of the untouchables decided that developers taking the extra profits the buggered peg was providing would be better directed to increase the value of their already massive stake.

As far as I know, the stabilizer should be temporary. I would hope it disappears after the next HF.

How many disgruntled developers disappear with it though is my concern..

We're sending a pretty fucked up message to the greater crypto community in that a couple individuals control enough influence on the DPOS consensus system we have here that they effectively veto any sort of community consensus that could have possibly taken place, had the run away break of civilization of the top 20's stake been spread over 5000 accounts instead of 5 this woudln't be an issue.. But alas majority of the ones in top 20 positions were either grandfathered in from Bitshares or had significant crypto holdings to allow them not to sell off any HIVE and create a massive disparity of voting power within the community.

I guess we shall see how it plays out.

It's nice to see you posting in the memehub community :) don't know if I agree with the flow chart but it is funny :P

Funny is all that matters.

Hahaha yes! How good is Block Chain drama. The best. People get to angry and I always picture some red faced enraged person on the other end of their comp or phone screaming at it.

I bet some people are raging lol

Is that the Facebook algorithm?

It can be.

"I once heard somewhere that the community is only as good as the worst person you allow to be part of the platform. Throughout my years in online communities, it almost feels like the gospel truth. If there is ever to be a standard, even in a so-called decentralized space, it should be that bottom. Since the goalpost is fluid in nature, it should come as no surprise that views shift over time."


Sorry, just couldn't help notice the similarities between that statement and Floki's character arc and lesson on Iceland 😅

So true. But I will attest, if it wasn't for Steem flag wars I would likely have a 70+ rep and not be ignored by half the community when all my work is For the community.

Basically, my 3yr anniversary was yesterday and I'm still stuck at 66.

Flag on.

Happy anniversary!

Yeah, those flag wars can be rough at times. But yeah, with rising prices, there are more folks to mingle with.

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