Honeywood Forest - Game 2 - Day 20

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Welcome to Honeywood Forest! After a delicious spring picnic in the Honeywood Forest, the picnickers must make their way out of the woods. Unfortunately, all the delicious food has caught the attention of some bears who are just waking up from hibernation and are ravenous! Escape before you become their next meal!

This is a play-by-post game, inspired by @happyme’s Zombie games. We will use the game board below to play the game. The goal is to make it to the Forest Portal square at the end of the path.

This game has space for up to 8 players and requires daily participation from the players. Players can jump in any time, but the game ends when a player reaches the Forest Portal. Players post a comment on the daily game post to sign up and take their turn. Active players can win Hive SBI shares and tokens. To date I've given out 9 DEIA, 4 HIVE, 4 PAL, 2.5 LEO, 30 SIM, 50 NEOXAG, 60 DEC, 3 BEE, and dozens of Hive SBI shares.

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2.robot.png@quinnertronics3 Fish, Honeycomb, Nuts, 2 Insects, Flute, Meat, Berries, Water2 PAL, 10 NEOXAG, 0.5 LEO
3.@drunksamurai3 Insects, Honeycomb, 3 Nuts, Meat, Roots, Mushrooms2 BEE, 20 NEOXAG, 2 DEIA, 10 DEC
4.@mawit07Insects, Roots1 BEE
6.@aussieninja2 Berries, 2 Meat, Fish, 2 Mushrooms, 2 Honeycomb1 BEE, 1 HIVE, 10 NEOXAG, 10 DEC
12.@happyme3 Insects, Honeycomb, Mushrooms, Fish, Meat, Nuts, Berries2 DEIA, 20 DEC, 10 NEOXAG, 2 PAL
13.@gillianpearce2 Meat, 2 Fish, Honeycomb, Berries, 2 Mushrooms1 PAL, 1 LEO, 20 SIM, 10 DEC, 1 BEE, 1 DEIA
Treasure Pile-3 HIVE, 2.5 LEO, 8 DEIA, 10 SIM, 20 DEC

Bears' Last Turn

Coco - 4N! Coco caught up to Player 6 but was fed nuts so she goes back to sleep in her den!
Roots - 4N! Run Player 6!
Fin - 4 NS! Run Player 2!!
Honey - 5W! Player 6 is sandwiched!!
Bug - 6W! Player 2 is now followed by 2 bears!
Red - 4NW!
Shrome - 1E!

Den #1 - 4 - Asleep!


A copy of the game rules is available here.

How to Play

  1. Players must upvote the game post.
  2. Players use the online tool to roll a dice.
  3. Players comment below with their player number, what number their roll was, and which direction they move (ex: N, E, S, or W)
  4. I will draw a card for each player after their turn from my homemade deck and comment after your turn with the player's draw.
  5. After all players have moved or after 24 hours has passed, I will roll for the Bears on the board and the Dens to see if they spawn bears.

Bear Table

BearDen #Favourite Snack
Blueberry Blueberry_board1.pngDen #1Berries
Coco Coco_board1.pngDen #2Nuts
Roots Roots_board1.pngDen #3Roots
Fin Fin_board1.pngDen #4Fish
Honey Honey_board.pngDen #5Honey
Bug Bug_board.pngDen #6Insects
Red Red_board.pngDen #7Meat
Shrome Shrome_board.pngDen #8Mushrooms


Each player's first comment will receive an upvote from me. Each day, I will select a random active player to win a Hive SBI share using a number picker. At the end of the game, all active players win the tokens they currently have in their bags plus 1 Hive SBI share.

Congratulations @aussieninja! You have won today's Hive SBI share!

Learn more about Hive's SBI shares.

Tokens Table

Players can win the following tokens.

TokenImage# of tokens per squareLearn More
Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)dec copy.png10Splinterlands
Hive (HIVE)hiveicon.png1Hive.io
Hive Engine (Bee)beeicon.png1Hive Engine
Leo (LEO)leo.png0.5Leo Finance
Deia (DEIA)deia.png1DEIA Token
dCITY TOKEN (SIM)SIM.png10dCity.io
Neoxian Silver (NEOXAG)neoxiansilver.png10Neoxian City
Pal (PAL)pal.png1Palnet.io

Image Credits

Pixel bears, header image, and gameboard made by me. Thank you to veeterzy and adrienolichon on Unsplash as well as AnnaliseArt, RoadLight, Clker-Free-Vector-Images, and mohamed_hassan on Pixabay for gameboard elements. Death Blueberry image thanks to Malcolm.



Player 6

Finally! I rolled a 6!!! Whooooo! I can't believe I'm still alive!

I'd like to go North, East, North if possible. Happy to either leap frog or share my honeycomb with Honey on the way through...

This game is AMAZING!

Your final card was 10 NEOXAG so your final bag was: 1 BEE, 1 HIVE, 20 NEOXAG, 10 DEC! I have sent it to you!

Thanks for playing!

Wait, what? I survived?!?

I'm shocked. You're a Honeywood legend.

Hahaha, I can't believe it.

Thank you for this amazing game! It was super, super, super enjoyable.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Player 13
Rolled 1 😢
1 S

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You landed on a Hive square so +1 Hive to your bag. Your card was honeycomb. Your final total was: 1 PAL, 1 LEO, 20 SIM, 10 DEC, 1 BEE, 1 DEIA, and 1 HIVE.

Thanks for playing!!

Thank you! 😊

It was a fun game. Thanks for all the effort your put into it! 😍

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Player 3
6 South


Congratulations! You won! Your final card was mushrooms and your final bag total plus the Treasure Pile is: 2 BEE, 20 NEOXAG, 4 HIVE, 2.5 LEO, 10 DEIA, 10 SIM, 30 DEC!

Thanks for playing!!

Awesome :) Thanks for this amazing game. Be happy to join next round.

You're welcome! Thanks for playing. I'll make a sign-up post soon.

Congratulations! It looks like you won the game.


Congratulations everyone! The game has been won by Player 3! @quinnertronics @drunksamurai @aussieninja @dksart @happyme @gillianpearce I have sent you all 5 Hive SBI Shares and your various token balances! Thanks for playing! I will post another sign-up sheet soon!

p2 with another2, head ..................south

hey i have a real life pal i just onboarded and i thought this game would be a great intro to hive/tokens....do you have room for 1 more since it appears the game will be ending shortly?

if you dont , i will offer my spot to them, if they want it- even though i enjoy your game "beary" much and i want to keep playing if you are still planning on doing them!

Your final card was nuts and your final total won was: 2 PAL, 10 NEOXAG, 0.5 LEO!

Yes, you both can play! If they want to play, give me their account name and I will tag them when I do the sign up post for the next game. 😄

Thanks for playing!

awesome thanks! i hope @hawkluna plays in the next game

thanks for the lead @quinnertronics

Player 10, rolled 6, move West North

Your final card was 10 DEC so your final bag was 10 DEC!

Thanks for playing!

Player 12 rolled a 6.

I got a 6! I got a 6! I got a 6! Woooo hooooo!!! I got a SIX!
Ummmm... ehem... (as I compose myself) 6 south please.
Cheers with a !BEER.

Thank you!

You earned 1 BEE and 1 DEIA that turn so your final bag was: 3 DEIA, 20 DEC, 10 NEOXAG, 2 PAL, and 1 BEE! Thanks for playing!

Wow! That seems like an amazing haul. Thanks for hosting the game and all that loot!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Hey @justatouchfey, here is a little bit of BEER from @happyme for you. Enjoy it!

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Hi @justatouchfey . Good article. It explains in detail what "Honeywood Forest" is all about; so any video game fan will find the necessary information here.

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