How to grow an avocado from seed

Hello everyone! It's been a while. Even though I have things to post, I didn't get much time to edit photos and transfer it and write. But here is one avocado story from last week.


Years ago, my roommate had an avocado and offered me to try it. As I like to try new things I and never had an avocado before, I was excited to do it. But turned out that I didn't like it much. I was plain and tasteless for me. Since recently I decided to eat more healthy, I wanted to give avocado another chance, as it is quite healthy. I thought it will be more tasty with seasoning, and also I saw many people love guacamole which main ingredient is avocado.


I tried to find some video recipes for avocado toast, which is also popular. But most of them were just plain salted avocado. As I made it, and it didn't taste good, I also added lemon juice to make it sour at last. It didn't help. Avocado is just not my thing. Adding a boiled egg on top helped me eat it, but this is not something I will eat again.


However, I wanted to make post of it and use seed and try to grow a plant from it. Why would I bother with an avocado plant if I don't like an avocado, you might wonder? Well it's a plant, I like plants, and I don't have to eat it. Beside, it will take 8 years for it to have a yield, if it even happens.

How to grow an avocado from seed?
There are few ways to do this, but I will just show you the way how I did it.
First, you need to wash seed, and make it clean. This is how it looks then.


After this, you need to peel it. This is a step that you can skip, but it should help your avocado to grow faster if you do it, as the shell would fall of itself, eventually, you are just speeding the process. Once you do it, this is how your seed looks.


I was happy to see it, thinking my seed is almost broken already, but then I realized it was not natural crack, but it was from knife, when I was opening avocado. Next to it, you can see a real crack and that's where your avocado will break.



Then you should take toothpicks and put 3 or 4 in it, in the same flat, and in angle. It is important that you keep pointed size up. Like this.


The last step is putting it into a cup or jar full of water, in the way that half of it is above water (pointed size) and half of it is in water.


It will probably take a few weeks for it to crack and grow, in the meantime you need to change water as much as it is needed (when it gets dirty). I will make another post about it in a month if it grows, and then what I do with it next.

All photos are original and taken using Nokia 7 plus phone.
Thank you for reading my post ^^


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