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The somehow mysterious, first word in the title :) is just the name of the cat. It means Scoundrel.


This is Farabuto ... one of my 13 cats ...


... on his favorite observation post in the garden ... an old metal garbage can, that was last time used for garbage some decades ago ...


... surrounded by roses ...


... on this cold but sunny autumn afternoon.
As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


@tipu curate 😻

Both beautiful and prickly..


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What a glorious cat.

Meow! :D


Beautiful cat! He cheers me up today!!

Meow meow! :D

We already have snow, it managed to fall and melt, but today frost has hit again, so the snow is not far off ... But in your region, your cat is basking in the sun, and the roses are just blooming)

Yes, the snow is a rare phenomenon in my town ... it falls regularly, although in small quantities 50 - 70 kilometers inland, but here on the coast every 10 - 15 years approximately and usually melts in a few hours ... about 20 or a bit more years ago was spectacular snow and stayed for 3 days

And in our area, 3 months of snowy winter is standard)

Cool :) in every sense

And when there is no snow in winter, the cold is penetrating, because there is high humidity .. And with snow, it's nice to be outside)