Some tips to keep your teeth healthy, beautiful

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Teeth are a part of the human body. Healthy beautiful teeth such as enhancing your beauty as well as enhances your confidence in many areas. To say that teeth are to be given teeth status. Here, dentistry refers to dental care. If the teeth are not taken care of properly then it will cost a lot. So let's take the time to take care of the dentist.
Tips for healthy beautiful teeth:
General Chat Chat Lounge Brush your teeth thoroughly before bedtime every night and after breakfast.
General Chat Chat Lounge Never brush your teeth with coal, roses, ash, soil etc.
General Chat Chat Lounge Use fluoride rich toothpaste. Brush your teeth using the correct brush. Flexible when buying a brush, buy nylon brushes.

General Chat Chat Lounge If the food particles are stuck in the toothpaste, remove it with the help of dental floss.
General Chat Chat Lounge Brush your teeth after eating sweet treats, lodgings, chocolate, ice cream, etc. Change the brush after 2 months.
General Chat Chat Lounge Clean the face occasionally with a fluoride-rich mouth wash.


General Chat Chat Lounge Every time after the meal, you will cool.
General Chat Chat Lounge Never move your tooth with your hand or tongue if it moves lightly. Please consult a doctor as soon as possible.
General Chat Chat Lounge Consult your dentist as soon as possible after the tooth decay or hole.
General Chat Chat Lounge Eat foods rich in vitamin C. Test your teeth after 6 months.
General Chat Chat Lounge Get regular dental care. Keep your teeth beautiful, strong, strong and increase your confidence.


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