Decoding The Darkness | Chapter 02 : The End

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It's dark outside, but the darkness inside me made me more uncomfortable than whatever is happening outside. I don't have anything to prove to others that it isn't me. I even started doubting myself, I asked questions was like "Do I have any psychic disorder". I started thinking about the whole scenario.


Then all of a sudden the first hint for finding the one behind it came into me. And that's the moment where the real problem started. I took my phone and went through the message that was sent by Abhi. Then again there was a call from Alan, I rejected it and played the audio. There is no doubt that it's my voice, but after listening to a few of those voice clips I realised something.

I remember those dialogues. And those words I'm speaking they are a lot different from curse words texted by the unknown. It's just me angrily speaking, that all was in that audio. I said those words to someone in the past, Later I found out to whom I sent those audios. It made me more sad and depressed.

It's the last chat I had with Ann, I still remember that day we broke up. I was angry at her and send these audios with all my anger. Now all my thought was about saving her, Now I don't care whatever that's gonna happen to me. I have to save her, I let her down in the past. But why she did this? I still don't know. I still couldn't believe it's her, but I didn't know Why?

Why she chose Jenna to trap me, everything seems more chaotic. Calls after calls came, I don't have the gut to answer any. I wanted to call her and ask about the whole situation. Before that, I needed to confirm it's her. I considered the chance of someone taking a message from her and using it against me.

I don't want this to be done by her. If she gets caught she couldn't bear that. I wanted to talk to her, but something holds me back. That night seemed so strange, the whole friends hate me and I could not do anything about it even when I knew the facts.

I switched on my laptop and browsed through that profile and scrolled through each information I could get from it, I wanted each of that to direct towards someone else. But it all was her pitty lies, I could see that.

I couldn't bear these anymore, I stood up from the chair and fall into the bed. I don't want all these to happen this way, Then I fixed my mind to call her and hear the facts from her. I couldn't call her from inside these four walls, I needed more space and something to lit.

I got outside of the house with the pack of cigarettes that are left on the shelf. I started walking towards that lonely path where I could really breathe, I lit the cigarette in the darkness. The smokes that went inside me made the feeling sadder but something I could bear.

I took the phone from my pocket and started dialling her number. My heartbeat was raising, the phone is ringing. Someone accepted the call, but there is no voice from the other side. Then in that silence, I could hear the weeping. I could feel it. I was trying to talk something, but all of a sudden something hit back in my head, all went to darkness.



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