Decoding The Darkness | Chapter One: The Beginning

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"It can't be her"

I repeated that in my mind. I was scrolling through the information I've got about this unknown profile. I wanted to stop looking for the real person behind this, Cause I can't bear the pain if that's her.


Everything started in the afternoon, I was laying on the bed after having lunch. These days I don't have that many things to do other than eating and sleeping. All those thoughts about the boredom were flashing in my mind, then all of a sudden I could hear my phone ringing.

I reached the phone, it was on the side table. It's Alan, I couldn't find any reason in my mind about the reason behind this call. Now it's about a few months I've seen him. It was at the college reunion, I saw him last.

"Hello..." I just remember saying that word. The words that came out from the other side was something I was never expecting. It shocked me.
All I remember is those last lines before I hung up the call.

"I'm gonna kill you, you son of a bitch"

He didn't even give me a second to reply. I knew that something was really wrong. No one ever used this much curse words against me. I was silent and blank for a few minutes, I laid on the bed looking up with open eyes. I knew something big was coming for me.

Then I saw a string of messages coming in the college chat group. I scrolled back to the beginning of it. It started from some screenshots, those were some screenshots from Jenna. I opened it, it some text messages she has got. I read them, it was complete ugliness. Someone just used as much as bad words he can in that text. It's not at all just those curse words, he is mocking her talking about that small college situations and making it kind of extreme bullying. The one who sent these messages was unknown.

And the whole group is blaming for this. I didn't try to read what was left. I knew something happened that says it's me the one who is behind it. I know whom to call at this moment, I called Abhi. He's the only one I could call at this situation.

He also didn't give me the chance to say hello.

"How you got the guts to call me?" He started with this.

"What are you saying, man. I haven't done anything. Why all of you blaming me?"
I was half crying when I was saying this.

"No man, In this one I can't help you. This isn't just like your old jokes." He's getting angrier.

"How can I explain this to you.? Could you just tell me the reason why all of you are blaming me?"

That's the only reason I wanted to know at this moment. My eyes were getting filled with tears.

"You don't know why??
Do you think that you can just fake your sound in the audio?, To Us??. He replied.

"Which audio?" I was totally confused.

"The audio you sent to Jenna, Do you want to hear your own words again. I will send that to you. Don't call me again. Alan's really pissed off, I can't involve in this." He hung up the call.

The next moment I again visited group messages for screenshots. There are some audios in the end. Then I got some forward messages from Abhi. It's those audios.

I played the audio. I just played it for listening to the first few words. Then I stopped at and threw the phone to the bed.

"You are just a........." this was what I've heard and that was enough for me to realise it's me. But how?

It's about to reach the dusk. Sun is settling down and the darkness is coming. I have no idea how I'm gonna survive out of this. Darkness started spreading as fast as it can.........

[story continues]


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