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The goal of BDCommunity is to support not only Bangladeshi users but everyone who needs it. BDCommunity rewards users for the wonderful content they produce. In order to find and reward quality content, every day our curators scour through the chain finding deserving contents. To inspire and support those authors we upvote over 10 contents daily and approximately over 80 quality contents per week.

A few words about the nomination:

We curate only original articles, art, poetry, videos, recipes, etc written in Bengali and the English language. Everybody has something interesting to say. So go and create some!

Here are the list of articles which have caught the attention of our team, this week.

গল্প: মোনাজাত

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শামুকের মত উঠানে লেপ্টে থেকে মন্থর গতিতে গড়াতে গড়াতে সকালের কড়কড়ে রোঁদ পইঠায় এসে বসতেই বাদশা মিয়ের ছানি পড়া ঘোলাটে চোখজোড়া যেন জলঘোলা ডোবায় সূর্যের আলো পড়ার মত ঈষৎ ঝিকমিকিয়ে উঠল। তিনি মাটিতে বামহাতের তালু সেঁটে ধরে তার উপর ভর করে কাঁধসমেত মাথাটা গোখরা সাপের ফণার ন্যায় উপরের দিকে বাগিয়ে- অপর হাতের বৃ

কোভিড নাইনটিনের পরের অর্থনীতি!

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সারাবিশ্বের পরিস্থিতি বিবেচনা করে অন্তত এতটুকু বলা যায় যে করোনা সমস্যা একটা লম্বা সময় ধরে আমাদের ফেইস করতে হবে। যদিও ভ্যাকসিন তৈরি করতে আরো অনেক সময় লাগবে। কিন্তু ভ্যাকসিন আবিষ্কারের পর তা উৎপাদন করে ৬০০ কোটি মানুষের কাছে পৌছানোর জন্যেও অন্তত ৩-৪ বছর সময় তো দিতেই হবে। তো করোনা সমস্যা মোকাবেলার জন্য

Children’s favorite God : Ganesha

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Who would imagine that a little boy with a very long nose and gigantic ears, who has gotten more than a bit chubby from eating too many ladies, would be the most popular god in Hinduism! When Shiva and Parvati are residing on Mt. Kailasa, Ganesha dances in the forests below with his friends, many of

Signs from Mother Nature ... time for harvest ... for some awesome veggies and herbs

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What a majestic day, Today i could see that our blessed garden, provided already some of the magical herbs and veggies, but the most important thing is that i could see that for instance, our pumpkins started to give the sign that they will start soon to deliver its fruits ... Starting to see those

My First Hive Post - Taking Life as it Comes

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Let me start off by saying two things. First, I want to thank each and every one of you that made this Hive platform possible. Just a week before everything broke out on Steemit, I had just informed everyone I would be taking a step back to focus on home life. I decided to stick around longer to see

Bread Maker Cinnamon Raisin Sandwich Loaf

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Hi Guys! How is your Thursday going so far? My household is busy with the new kittens, and also, grass cutting and lawn mowing 😁 With so much rain we were getting, grass had grown like nobody's business. A jungle in the backyard 😆 Sadly all them rains and thunderstorms, wrecked havoc my flower gar

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