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BDcommunity is a youth-run community organization currently working on both the Hive and Steemit blockchain. Our primary goal is to empower youths from Bangladesh. BDCommunity also try to support other users and communities too, so we could participate in giving back to the ecosystem. BDCommunity rewards users for the wonderful content they produce. We only curate original articles, art, poetry, videos, etc written in both Bengali and English.


Recently, we noticed there is not much engagement in our community. The community members don’t interact with each other, the “coffee lounge” is quiet most of the time and even some of them don’t have any idea about our officials and how this community is running. They just post links on the post-promotion channel. Many people are making a variety of content on the blockchain, but they don't get enough consideration as that they possibly could. We try to motivate and guide them to make quality content.

To motivate our members and to increase their blockchain activity, we decided that we would like to arrange a “weekly voice meeting” for all our members. That meeting will be hosted by @linco and all our support members, and moderators will be there.

What is this meeting all about?

The meeting will be full of surprises. Our officials will share their experience and valuable knowledge about their wonderful journey to the blockchain and how they became successful. There will be and many more exciting things will be there. We want to help those people who are dedicated and hard-working. So, don’t forget to join this week's party.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Increase community activity.

  • Increase blockchain activity.

  • Increase engagement to the blockchain.

  • Motivate new members.

Be creative and encourage others that is our goal.

Meeting Time

We will organize this weekly voice meeting every Friday at 10 pm(GMT+06:00) local time.

Our Officials

We would like to introduce you all to all our officials who are working day and night to serve our community. We appreciate their support.

Moderators:@zaku, @reazuliqbal (Community Developer)
Curators:@priyanarc, @hafizullah, @ayashabd , @zayedsakib
Ambassadors:@rehan12, @rem-steem, @simplifylife, @linco, @priyanarc,
Scouts:@mhossain, @sheikhsayem

All our officials and special guests are invited to join our weekly voice meetings. Hope we will have a great time together.

Support us by voting as a Hive Witness and/or by delegating Hive Power.

20 HP50 HP100 HP300 HP500 HP1000 HP2000 HP



Broooo this is a good chance and time to know each other better! I'll be so there for sure. I would like to see more engaging on @bdcommunity. See you guys at the rodeo! Best Regards!


I posted this almost 9 days ago and shared some of my ideas. Also asked some questions to Bdcommunity oldies. But nobody replied!

I wanted comment form you guys more than post reward. But no comment even from any curator, moderator, supporter. From than I post more on other communities and less on BDcommunity.

You guys should seriously think about response of the group.

Hey welcome to Hive. BDCommunity account usually doesn't reply, its mentions almost always go unnoticed. It is the individuals who comment. So, individual users decide if they wanna comment or not.

I can talk for myself- I only read and almost never comment unless its absolutely necessary. If you want to discuss something head over to BDC Discord.

No offense, brother. But it's the quote of the post,

''Recently; we noticed there is not much engagement in our community.''

So how can you expect people to engage, if moderators don't do it? This is the time you should think differently to increase the engagement. This is your community; you make the rules. I am just sharing my suggestions. Sorry if I told you anything wrong. Thanks again for the community.

In the post, by "community" it meant Discord. Moderators are for moderation, its the people who makes the community.

There is nothing wrong with making suggestions, also not choosing to use/be part of the community. :)

Great news for us 👍👌

hopefully everybody join this show.

@Zaku @reazuliqbal
would i attend that meeting?

Sure. Everyone is invited.

That's great! It will inspire people to be more active on Hive blockchain.

Great news

Will be there! :) :)

Will do my best to attend this meeting and get to know the people we interact with virtually on the chain and on discord a little more :D This is a great initiative!

Wow this is great meeting for discussing. Great dude

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How are you champ, hope all is great. I think we all are here for the best, that's something we can agree with. In my opinion and after seeing things like the proposal system where everyone can charge whatever they feel best (not arguing that either, it's a free market) I don't think it's time to handicap posts. I've seen many, many posts unrewarded and some "highly rewarded" thanks to circle jerking, "friendships", and stuff. If your opinion is that this post doesn't deserve $20 in rewards, I totally respect that, heck, you're being nice and are requesting instead of commanding. We know, or at least I know you are one of the good ones, especially when it comes to HIVE formerly Steem. I can't vouch for anyone but myself yet I know some people behind this project who imo are good lads. Cheers bro, like I said in the end we should/must be looking for the same goal which is to take hive to new heights! Regards again!

Yeh I mean my main issue is that it's not really content and at the same time majority of the vote value comes from self and votetrading with steemcleaners. I wouldn't have a problem with it if others felt they wanted to reward it cause of the curation you guys do etc but it's hard to ignore where the majority of the vote value comes from. Imagine if I used OCD and OCDB to selfvote short announcement posts to trending without burning any rewards.

Also please don't use the Dao as a baseline for what is okay to do now and what isn't, they are so different from the author reward pool and there's plenty of other examples that can be used from author rewards to compare instead.

Hope you're well too and don't take this as negatively as it wasn't meant to be but hoping we can improve while keeping eachother in check.

 4 months ago 

same time majority of the vote value comes from self and votetrading with steemcleaners.

@bdvoter and @bdcommunity two different thing. @bdvoter is my project and I am free to use it how I want to. BDCommunity is the community for bd people and most of the rewards from post somehow goes to charity or rewarding community users for their engagement.

Zaku my man, I know it's your community and your rules, I respect that and you know it. In the name of free speech I kindly request you to unmute the comment. We all are good lads in here, no need to push it that far. Again, I respect whatever you choose to do, in the end we all want the same which is Hive to thrive and help our communities. Regards champ.

 4 months ago 

Well that comment muted because, that was unrelated to subject matter discussed in the post.

I'm not taking it negatively champ, on the contrary, I understand what you say. I think we all are grown ups and we can establish a civil "discussion" on any regards that improves the blockchain. I'm not playing the Dao card as baseline, Just think it can be improved but understand it's a free market. It saddens me to see your comment muted. Hope they fix it in the name of free speech.

Yeah the DAO has room for improvements and competition as well, not gonna argue that. Anyway after some discussions with them in Discord it turns out the mute was cause it was irrelevant to the topic and was top comment so I'm okay with that, just felt like a kneejerk reaction to a negative comment which goes against the fundamentals of this chain and kind of asks for downvotes without explanation instead... Wish curation projects wouldn't use their voting power this way but I guess we'll have to let the free market decide there as well how the inflation is distributed.

Are you guys seriously muting my comment again?