The secret is in the MASTERY



I have been doing a lot of thinking as regards how I can develop myself and this has been making me think a lot.

So I moved in about two weeks into my poorly furnished apartment in the hospital.

I discovered that my bathroom had a bulb but it never came on because I was looking for the switch to turn it on.

I looked for the switch for ten days and I never saw it.

I got tired of using my phone as the light source anytime I wanted to take a bath.

So I decided to call an electrician to help with this dilemma.

The electrician was a very old, frail man and I told him the complaint I had and he went inside the bathroom.

In less than 5 seconds he pulled a string that was hanging by the side of the bulb and the light came up.

I was shocked as I was angry that I had to pay him for pulling a string.

Well, I eventually paid him and I was happy that he came through.

A lot of time people learn things haphazardly and sometimes look for the shortcut to things.

This singular act is the reason why there are a lot of average people in the world today

The painful thing about this is that when you learn only tricks, you will be stuck when there is a case that is not covered in the cheat code.

The secret is in the mastery.

There is a saying that your income is proportional to your growth.

A lot of people want to be rich but are not willing to grow.

Growth works side by side with income.

In fact, when there is growing the income grows exponentially.

I had a consultant who decided he was not going to be a regular doctor. He learned a lot of things within his field and did a lot of exploits.

As of the time I saw him last, he was consulting in 3 different countries and being paid by the three countries.

He grew in his field and opportunities came his way.

In summary, take time to grow and you will definitely make money. Note that I didn't say you will be rich.

Apply principles that rich people have used and you will become rich.

Even the act of applying these principles is a process of growth.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to be the change you want to see in the world.