Splinterlands Quidditch[Best Bet of Splinterlands][The secret behind the existence of my alpha malric inferno].

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Big thanks to the Bdcommunity for this amazing contest they organized for the splinterlands nerds, even tho this is the final episode, it was fun while it last, couldn't really believe i could emerge as one of the winners three times consecutively, it shows the great impact this contest have on me and other participants, it is not just a contest but a way to help splinterlands player improve their writing skills.... Am proud of myself!

This week contest was kinda intimidating when i first saw it but after thinking for a while, ideas started flowing in my head, deals from the past started flooding my memory. some even made me laugh cos i really was like did i really do this for not wanting to miss on a card opportunity..

When i left splinterlands twice and then finally decided to stay after third trial, i started purchasing beta cards mostly but shortly after the alpha started ruling and people started building their alpha deck and beta was losing its value as the best card, i was perplexed on what to do, the alpha set gives more dec in ranked battles and also there is the alpha tournament with good prize...

I decided to make my fire, earth and death splinter alpha and the water and life beta, but due to lack of enough funds, i focused more on the fire splinter, i really wanted to build it to my taste having all alpha and hence i started buying the cards slowly with my steem.


I started with the serpent of the flame and cerberus, i started picking up single bcx from the market and i was lucky enough to get a level 3 serpent of flame from swedishdragon as gift! so gradually my fire splinter alpha set was getting better but still one compulsory cards was missing... which is the malric inferno( fire summoner) and without the summoner i can't use my fire splinter in alpha tournament so i started monitoring the market hoping i would see a good offer.



On that fateful day, i was just moving from one cards to another checking their price on the market, then i checked on the alpha summoner and saw that someone placed a level 7 malric inferno at $0.87 per bcx and the single bcx was $3 upward, this was indeed a very nice deal but i have no steem to purchase it as i just used my last steem to purchase cards on the market.. I realized the only option left was to trade the beta version of it i have and add more steem to purchase the alpha.. Hmmm placing it in the market will surely take time before someone picks it up and also where will i get the remaining steem to complete the alpha deal.. I decided to offer #neoxian a deal.


He accepted the deal with a nice offer, so i agreed and that was how i was able to purchase the alpha malric! Days later i checked the total value of my cards and realised it has increased with a huge difference, i was curious to know which card price inflated so i started checking my big cards and there we go, malric inferno combined bcx now trading for $3 and above while the single bcx was $4 upward, the level 7 i had was selling at the rate of $189 something i spent less than 80 usd on... that was devil's luck!

Best of luck to other participants of this contest and once again Big thanks to Bdcommunity..


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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Interesting! I have zero alpha cards... Cool deal, Burl!

Thanks dada and actually alpha reign is gone so you are not missing much.. untamed all the way now