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Big thanks to @Bdcommunity for the amazing steemmonster contest, i was amazed when i was called out as the third winner in the last contest as i never expected it and that really inspired me to put more effort into finding my best tactics for the little league contest of this week....

First of all, little league is one of my favorite rule in battle cos i win 80% of those rules when given and when i come across rules like that, i either use the water or life splinter as they are still the best splinter with the monsters to win such battles.


It was a great call to battle, which splinter can deliver me from the attack that was to be expected from my enemy, then i remember the hero of the life splinter, the summoner of the creatures of destruction, only him can save me from the wrath of my enemies.. Tyrus paladium is his name and history have it that he only summon the most gruesome and brutal monsters in battle and never give up until his last breath...

Tyrus is bestowed with one unique ability and that is an armor which he used in protecting the monsters summoned by him


The rules of the battle stated

  • Close range: Ranged attacks may be used used in the first position in battles

  • Little leagues: Only monsters and summoners that cost four mana or less may be used in battles

After thinking for a while, i realised tyrus can protect my monsters from range and melee attack but not magic, so i needed more monsters with the silence ability in order to render my opponent magic monsters useless in the battle and that is exactly what i did....





The crystal werewolf is a 3 mana monsters and it belongs to the life splinter, it was bestowed with 2 unique abilities which are:

  • Silence: Which reduces the magic attack of all enemy Monsters.
  • Thorns: When hit with a melee attack, it does damage back to the attacker.


I used this card as my first card because of the two unique abilities it possess, the thorns will causes damage to the opponent monsters attacking it and the silence will reduce the enemy monster's magic and make them less powerful which makes it a bit tougher for the opponent to hit my monsters hard if he use mostly magic monsters.



The Silvershied warrior is a 4 mana card blessed with enough armor and high melee attack power which compensated him for the only one ability given to him which is the reach ability that allows him to attack from the second position...


I used it in the second position so it can support crystal werewolf attacks and also delay my opponent monster's from getting to my magic and range monsters on time and it performed to expectation as it helped in taking down my opponent front monster



The divine healer is a 3 mana monster and she is bestowed with 2 unique abilities which are the tank heal and slow which makes it one of the most use monster in the life splinter..


The grandma healing ability is so great that it is a must to be use in the battle if i ever want to win cos the heal tank will restore my front monster's health and hence makes it last longer on the battle field while the supporting monsters wreck more havoc from behind...



The Defender of truth is a 4 mana card which has the protect ability that add two more armor to all the armor friendly monsters in his team, this ability and his 3 magic power at max makes it often use in little league battle..


The rules of the battle allow range attack monsters to attack from the front so there is possibiilty my opponent may come with range attacks and defender of truth can help prevent the damages those monsters will cause to my monsters at first round hence why i use it as the fourth card.



The elven mystic is a 4 mana monster and also a neutral card, it is one of my favorite card due to his outstanding two abilities which are silence and affliction.


This card plays a very important role in little league battle because of his silence and affliction abilities cos it is rare to see an opponent that won't use magic monsters in such battle, almost impossible if you really want to win and elven is a magic killer which makes it a threat to all the magic monsters on my opponent team and also if his affliction works properly the enemy has lesser chance of winning.. Elven is powerful enough to decide the outcome of a little league match



The Peacebringer is a 4 mana monster and the only range attack monster that i used, it has no ability but its range attack power and speed is high...


I used this card as my last card due to his high range power and speed so it can wreck havoc to my opponent monster's..

    I used life splinter monster and defender of truth to have enough armor to protect my monsters then i selected two monsters with the silence ability in order to render his magic attack useless and then i used a heal tank to keep my front monster steady and lastly i used a high melee monster[ silvershield] and high range power monster [peacebringer] to speed up the attack and hit so i can win faster and it worked perfectly fine even tho i faced a very challenging and top player, still i won and his weakness was that he cane with three magic monsters which my two silencers rendered useless!

  • Possibility of losing
    The chance of losing is very little cos the tactic i used is very strong against magic attacks, range attacks and also melee attacks, so against a mirrored match i could lose cos i can't stop misses but aside that, i doubt it will be easy for any splinter to take down that set up except incase the misses favor my opponent...


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All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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