Three wishes of a dying man

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There was a king named alexander who wanted to conquer the world, he was born on an auspicious day hence he was more powerful than any other man in the world except one..... He fought many battles, killed many people, acquired fortunes and slaves.. he was feared all around the world but still he wasn't satisfied as there is one more battle for him to fight.. He wanted to conquer a great nation in which another powerful but righteous king lives....

It was a very tough battle that took many years, one of the greatest battle ever fought in history, after lot of effort from both fighters, alexander won but yet he lost because he was able to conquer the king's men but not the king's idealogy.. he praised the king for his valor and not giving up even when all his armies have been defeated.. Alexander mind and perspective changed right there and he told the king he doesn't want his land anymore and he wish they could be great friends and no longer sworn enemies.. He went back to his kingdom and after few years he became terribly sick, in his last moment, he summoned his family and gave his last three wishes

  • FIRST WISH (His personal doctor should lead his funeral)
    He wanted it that way so that the entire world can realize that him alexander the great who called himself a god and conquer many lands couldn't save himself from death... Death is inevitable and it doesn't know the good or bad nor does it discriminate between the poor and rich.. When your time is near, no amount of money can save you and not even the best doctor in the whole world can save you...

  • SECOND WISH (His wealth should be spread on the ground where his funeral procession would pass)

He realized all the wealth he has gathered and every other things he owned couldn;t give him more time to live, They are useless when death comes..

  • THIRD WISH (They should keep his palm open when they placed him in the coffin)
    This is to pass across to many people that we came to this world empty handed and we shall depart from it empty handed too, nothing we bring and nothing we shall take, all the wealth we have gathered in bad ways and things we have taken from others, none of it would go with us to the grave nor will they be useful.

Lesson learnt from this wishes is no matter how rich you are or what you achieved in this world, when you die the only thing you will get is a grave, so stop being arrogant and stop a non chalant lifestyle thinking you are going to live forever.. BE kind to people around you so you can be remember for good.. Legends created a title themselves by their deed....