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Problems are not always as easy as we think, but sometimes they become very difficult and make life unstable. As a result of which our normal life is disrupted and we become frustrated by failing to solve the problem. Due to which we should not take any problem in life lightly and give importance in every case. Because no problem is easy and small, it must be kept in mind.

Whenever we think of a problem lightly, it becomes difficult for us. And later it makes the problem bigger. Looking at the current situation, its visibility becomes easily understandable.

Because we took the corona virus quite lightly from the beginning and thought it would be as easy to deal with as any other virus. But the situation changes all our ideas, and very quickly complicates everything, as the numbers of victims and the number of deaths increase, our mistakes begin to break down. As a result, we are forced to lock down, because the situation is out of our control. This is the hard reality of life, nothing can be taken lightly, and every little thing has to be taken seriously.

Today Wednesday, I am trying to share with you some scenes around the city, although people in most parts of the city are trying to break the lockdown and conduct normal activities, which is not good for us at all.





Rickshaws are now the most popular transportation in the city. Because public transport is closed, people are now using rickshaws for all kinds of work. Although there is still a risk, but people have no choice.




In fact, whenever people do not understand the depth of a problem and fail to realize its importance, they fall into such a difficult situation.




Some parts of the shopping centers have opened in many parts of the city, although in some places a lot of crowds have been noticed, but in many places it is completely empty.




And Before ending, I just want to give my Thanks to @tattoodjay for his excellent initiative of #wednesdaywalk

Declaration: This is original content of mine with own photography.

Thanks all for visiting my writing.


আমি মোঃ হাফিজ উল্লাহ, চাকুরীজীবী। বাংলাদেশী হিসেবে পরিচয় দিতে গর্ববোধ করি। বাঙালী সংস্কৃতি ও ঐতিহ্য লালন করি। ব্যক্তি স্বাধীনতাকে সমর্থন করি, তবে সর্বদা নিজেকে ব্যতিক্রমধর্মী হিসেবে উপস্থাপন করতে পছন্দ করি। পড়তে, শুনতে এবং লিখতে ভালোবাসি। নিজের মত প্রকাশের এবং অন্যের মতামতকে মূল্যায়নের চেষ্টা করি। ব্যক্তি হিসেবে অলস এবং ভ্রমন প্রিয়।




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Thanks for sharing the sights in your city, its a tough call knowing whats the right balance between staying indoors and social distancing and yet the need for many to work,

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

You are welcome brother, Just trying to sharing something from my part. Stay safe!


Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you so much brother @deepu7 for your curation.

You are welcome brother.

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