Evolving, Not Changing To Become More Accessible To Better Interactability In An Ever Demanding Society

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Selflessness is one thing that people find very difficult to strive towards especially in any type of relationship and this is simple because of the notion that one doesn't need to change to be accepted or loved. In support of this, I don't think anyone needs to change their core personality simply because they want to blend in seemlessly into a relationship however the fact that a relationship shouldn't be a burden or a cumbersome experience is the reason why we must evolve, not essentially change our core essence, but evolve

You see, people feel the need to evolve means changing to suit or meet up to a particular standard but this isn't true. In all my years of adopting communication to sell my ideas I have often noticed that sometimes you can easily persuade someone while sometimes, you might need to go a step higher to persuade another person and this doesn't mean you're changing who you are, it means that you're taking up their personated views in other to speak through their understanding for the smooth process of interaction.

Now, everyone, every person has their comfort zone when it comes to relating to people and their immediate environment hence this creates a diversity amongst people. So in other to establish commonness, people will then need to leave their own communicative comfort zone and meet on a plain ground where they'll find seemless connectivity to easily form an alliance of friendship, mutuality, common ground and of course basic understanding which is the most important.

This is of course a phenomenon which people term as a change to their personality. In truth people fail to understand that redundancy or archaism is not something they can afford. When one needs to smile more, cultivate more social habit, learn to communicate effortlessly without having to leave scenes of boredom or awkwardness, this is changing of personality but improvising one's default self to become more relatable.

Evolving oneself is not changing their core personality, it is imbibing an act of selflessness so that you can become more accessible to people. Many might not find the need to be accessible but the truth is we thrive based on the dependability we share as humans. We try to become accessible because no one can survive without the ability to interact with a diverse and heterogeneous human society. But then like I use to say sophisticated communicative abilities is not an innate attribute or giftand that's why we go through the rigorousness of becoming better so as to be refined when interacting with our close and extended society.

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