Mental health is one of the most important tasks at this time.

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Very Good Morning Hive Community,

Fortunately for the purpose of normalizing the life of the people in our country, the government will become normal tomorrow. But this Covid-19 has become a global epidemic. Almost every country in the world has been affected by this epidemic. And with the rapid pace of this epidemic, many countries have locked down and put curfews in place. In the whole world, people are isolated in their homes. A lot of people think that if they could just stay home for another month and not work. But it's actually not good for our mental health.


This month our company has decided to slash salaries of its employees. So are other private institutions. The government got full salary. Especially nowadays they have to change their familiar lifestyles. It's necessary. This is a big problem for those who are getting paid for the day.

As the government says, not everyone can work from home as "working from home". The operations of the warehouse and distribution company cannot be done at home. But people who can do it will have a setup so that they won't be disturbed by others in the house. Make it work. Then people who are just out of office can use this time to develop their skills and abilities.


Nowadays there is no way to go to the shop like you used to. Because the Sure cannot tell when the curfew will be lifted. So the best thing to do is to eat enough essentials and toiletries for at least two weeks. The best thing to do is to get a plan on how to eat those two weeks. Once you do, your mind will be free.

Most people stay home for the duration of the quarantine period. This is not good for physical or mental health. So, just wake up and sleep for hours on a normal day. Find ways and means to do your homework and spend the rest of your life effectively. That's what's important at this time.

The advancement of modern technology is an advantage for us in today's modern world. When we're locked up, we can really connect with the whole world. Our smartphone is good enough for that. That's why you can talk to old friends using technology. Online video calls are very important for mental health at this time.


It is imperative at this time to maintain good mental and physical well-being. If I can't get out this time, I can get up in the morning and do simple exercises. You can also practice yoga. And there are plenty of things you can do to heal the mind. Meditation is the simplest thing. Start playing one or more of these things, such as listening to music and gardening. So hope you understand very clearly what should you do in this quarantine time. Thanks for stopping by. Be Safe and Stay Healthy.