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It was that day of the week when everybody left home to worship-Sunday. Dad and I returned home but mum stayed behind for after church services.

I had worn my all-white gown with matching flat shoes and tied up my hair in a ponytail, I looked beautiful. It was a holy day, I thought until what has become my worst nightmare happened.

Daddy went into his room to change his clothes and I did same too. The day was calm and cool until I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and it was only dad, he was smiling and I returned the smile. He walked into my room and asked me to come sit with him on the bed and I did - he was my dad after all- at least, I thought he was.

He asked me to remove my clothes. At first, i was still trying to decipher whet he meant. While I was hesitating, he grabbed me and tore off my clothes like an angry hungry lion. I was still in shock - the piercing pain - all I could do was shout and beg,"daddy please!"
When he was done, he left me in my pool of blood with a smirk. I tried to convince myself that it was a hallucination but it wasn't


When mum came home, I told her what happened but she only said, "keep quiet! No one must hear about this?"....what? I was only 14, who could I turn to? The only person I relied on asked me to be silent. Were they really my parents? I couldn't believe these were the people I looked up to. I kept silent as instructed and lived my childhood in misery because no one cared and even if they did, they wouldn't help.

PS:...this is an original fiction by me.

Until now, Ive decided not to be silent anymore. With the recent cases of rape, I can't help but speak up "if I wasn't a child then, people would have said I was a bad child and I got raped". They would have said, "she wore skimpy dresses and he couldn't control himself".

The fact remains that rape isn't just the fault of one gender but both. Rape doesn't happen because of the clothes a female wears or the high sexual urge in a male. Rape happens due to lack of self-control on both parts. Learn to say no to your sexual urges and learn to listen.


Rape can be a temptation but we can try our best not to fall prey. Parents should teach their children well "sex education" or they'll learn it the wrong way. On the other part, people should learn to comfort the sexually abused instead of cursing or blaming them for this has lead to deaths, mental problems and so on.
#say no to rape🙏💪


Rape is a crime against humanity. Whatever causes it, I don't just understand it completely. But I believe it's a product of many ingredients. Whatever is the reason, it should not happen. Rape destroys lives forever.

It does a lot of destruction 😭

I hope the responsible guys are still out there

I hope so too😭💪