Into The Badlands: Another Blockbuster Movie I Started Watching

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Just few days back, I was bored and needed to watch a movie just to keep my company. I stood up from where I was sitted, reached out for my laptop which was in my bag so I can at least see a movie to whirl away the time and give my eyes some interesting things to see at the same time.


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I brought out my laptop which have been in the bag for quite some days without use. Opened it and put it on in grand style with a packet of popcorn and a bottle of my favorite soft drink sitting beside me just like I was in the cinema and was going to see a blockbuster movie with my girlfriend.

At first, I was confused and not sure of what movie to watch after checking through the movies I have on my laptop. Most of the movies seems like I have watched them. After few minutes of searching through my folders for movies, I came across the popular series titled "Into The Badlands".

Into The Badlands is very popular series that everyone has always been hyping. I know it is a movie I have been wanting to see and I decided to go for it this time around. I am always reluctant to go for series movies most times because it always end up capturing my heart and I will be forced to give it all my time for the time being until I finish seeing the series.


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I opened the movie folder and found out I don't even have the season 1 file. It started from season 2. I had to make do with it and now it has captured my heart that I don't even want to watch the season 1 again. So far, I have watched 5 episodes in the season 2 and I must say I enjoy watching it from scene to scene.

Into The Banlands sure deserves all the hype because I can categorically say it is a blockbuster just like it has always been. I can't wait to finish watching it because sincerely I am very anxious to know what would happen in the next scenes.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay blessed!

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It's indeed an interesting series, just unfortunate it was put on hold after season3

I didn't enjoy a lot this show.
Not bad but not so unforgivable