Grabbing Clothes For Attack and Defense

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There are some situations that you often see when people have an argument and get into physical. You see they are shouting and getting close to each other. Then grab the collar of the shirt. As a response, the other guy also grabs the collar of the shirt.

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One guy says to remove his hand from his shirt and the other guy says the same thing. They start pulling each other shirt. You might see things like that.

When someone grabs the collar of your shirt, you can remove his hand from your shirt or take control of the situation. You can simply grab the attacker's hand that holds your shirt. Now he will find it difficult to control you.

You can turn his hand, hyperextend, and apply pressure. This is going to be painful. The attacker will be in a trap. You can strike him or throw him away.

The moment someone grabs your clothes, his one hand has already engaged. You both hands are free. So you can make your move to put the attacker in a vulnerable position.

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How about grabbing clothes as a defense?

You can control someone's movement grabbing his clothes. You can grab the clothes and move him in a different direction. As a counter-attack, you can grab the attacker hoodies, put it over his hand, and strike him. In this position, the attacker finds it difficult to do something.

You can use your clothes to distract your opponent. When you have an open mind, you can do something for self defense, maybe you have not done that before. It happens if you are trained and practice martial arts.

You cannot determine before that how you are going to fight and how you will strike. You cannot plan to fight. You can have a strategy to fight for self defense, but you have to make your move by observing the situations. There are thousands of things that can happen. If you learn to adapt, be aware of the situation, you can even find clothes as a tool for self defense.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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