How Do You Hit With Front Kick?

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The front kick is a basic kick. As a beginner, you will learn how to do a front kick. Some people say that the front kick is not a very powerful kick. I think a front kick is a powerful kick if you do it properly.

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Which part of your foot should contact when you do front kicks?

You can do front kicks and hit two parts of your foot. In some martial arts, they will teach you hitting with the ball of your foot. You can use the ball of your foot. However, you can also hit with the heel of your foot.

If you want to have a good impact, I would suggest hitting with the heel of your foot when you do front kicks. It will make some more damage to the attacker.

When you want to hit directly, front kick is a good choice. It is like doing straight punch, but you are striking with your legs. You need to have the flexibility to do the front kick properly.

You usually hit above the waist, you can hit the lower part of the body with front kicks as well. Keep your hands up while doing front kicks. In case you are being attacked during doing a front kick, you are ready to defend that and counter-attack.

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Your opponent can catch your leg. To avoid that, you have to be fast doing front kicks. Just after delivering the kick, get back your legs quickly so that no one can catch your legs.

The attacker will find it difficult to defend the front kick if you do front kicks properly. Practice front kick with a combination of punches and other strikes.

Maintaining distance is very important in a fight. YOu can do front kick to push your opponent and make the distance. Then you can go for another strike. So front kick can be used to hit and push.

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