Let go of shame, do your own work || নিজের কাজে লজ্জা কিসের

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Since I am the master of the house, I have some responsibilities.Some work does not require the cooperation of everyone else in the house, in this case you have to come forward a little because your little cooperation will give more encouragement to everyone else in the house.Every day I wake up and my job is to throw all the garbage in the dustbin. In this case, the house does not smell of excess dirt and the house is clean.I try to help everyone in the house by doing small things all the time. Of course, I am not ashamed of it, but I am happy. I am trying, you are doing it.

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নিজের কাজ নিজে করাটাই হচ্ছে উত্তম।

thanks for your compliment.

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