Let's go back to childhood

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How many people are here, how colorful their childhood was, today they have grown up, their childhood is just a memory now.What I want from life never comes back is just wrapped in the pages of memories and the memories are really emotional.

If anyone tells me that you are not satisfied with your life now, it was better in the childhood you left behind.If I ever had to face this question, I would say in one word, I miss my childhood more and I was better at that time.
Today I will share some of my pictures with you. I believe it will remind you of your childhood for a while, so let's take a look at the pictures I took.20200516_124957.jpg
20200513_11190201.jpegI feel really blessed when I face that moment because it was a time in my life. Today, in the evolution of time, I miss the time a lot, I miss those times with whom I spent.I wish my classmates and playmates all the best wherever they are.I sincerely believe that my childhood was so beautiful because they were.
A few days ago I went to my village house. When I went to my village house, I saw a different image. I saw two girls playing ludu next to my house and the scene of that game reminded me of my past and I immediately took those pictures in my phone camera.
I think those who have seen my pictures at the moment are able to go back to their childhood,even if only for a short time. Time has really changed us, change of time makes us very emotional. photography author. thank you .

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