new guest coming in our family at a difficult time

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Today I am happy but I am afraid new guests have come to my family at this difficult time in the world.I think as happy as I am today, if this happened to anyone's family today, they would all be happy.

I try to tell the story openly.My aunt was pregnant.In fact when she was pregnant there was not so much fear in the world.But all of a sudden everything in the world has changed from where it is. The people of the world are spending their days in fear of the unknown.Anyway, finally, by the infinite mercy of the Creator, my aunt has become a mother today.
I think the taste of motherhood is very important to every girl because every mother has her child very important.Until last evening when my aunt was feeling pregnancy npain, we were very scared to take her to any clinic, where to take her, how to keep her, because everything in the world is not the same now, everyone is in an unknown fear now.
Since my aunt was already on the advice of a gynecologist, she was safe for so long.But the real thing is that now she has to be admitted to a very urgent hospital because of the sudden onset of pain.
In fact my uncle and aunt had been at their house for so long last night suddenly my uncle called me and the only reason to call me was because I am a medical person they wanted my help.I heard all the facts from my uncle then I told my uncle you rest assured everything will be fine.
Since I am a medical person so I have a good relationship with all the people in the medical sector, I called my colleague and told him all the facts and my colleague said ok you come to my clinic with your aunt.Finally at night I took my aunt to my colleague's clinic and we were in a lot of safety and security there.
Then my colleague looked at all my aunt's medical reports and they finally decided that she needed a Caesarean section.Eventually my colleague called the anesthesiologist and they met and performed my aunt's caesarean section. Finally after a long wait our new guest arrived on earth and finally after the operation is over both mother and baby are fine now.
Although I am a medical person, maybe everything happened a lot faster because of him, but the fact is not as simple as I wrote the words, only the creator knows how everything is managed, let me be happy that both the mother and the baby are well in the end.
Finally when everyone in my family heard that our new guest is good they are all very happy anyway but now I am very scared my new guest has been born in this difficult time of the world so I wish everyone to pray for my new guest. 20200531_14345601.jpeg


Beautiful baby.

thanks for your compliment

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