Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Don't You Dare Sneak up on me!

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Sneak is one of those abilities which I needed a bit of time to get my head around when I first started playing. For one thing, I didn't understand what's the use of a sneak attack at first, because I was only looking for monsters to attack the tank. So I was looking more into the Reach ability. Secondly, I didn't understand how to tactically use the sneak attack. It wasn't until mid-way through my second season I started learning the use of sneak! Going for the tank is cool, but targeting the tank alone meant I was hitting the opposition only one monster at a time! That's very counter-productive. That's where the sneak comes in. While most of my monsters are attacking the tank, the sneak also keeps taking down monsters at the back!


The Battle

Here's the Battle Link. It was a 32 mana, Weak magic and Meele mayhem Rule! All the splinters except Dragon was active. With weak magic, it was pretty obvious I wanted to go in armor heavy, so I used Tyrus Paladium as my Summoner.


My Lineup

For my tank I went with Shilvershield Knight. Admittedly, this is not my strongest tank. But more than using it as a tank, I used it for it's inspire ability. Because my plan was to kill the monsters from the back while my tank holds the opposition for as long as possible. At position 2, I had Luminous eagle for it's reach ability and with an inspire in the team, it was giving me 4 meele attack on the opposition tank.


The Sneak combination of Shilvershield Assasin with and feral Spirit with 2 meele each might not seem such a big deal at first look. But let's do a bit of math, shall we! With the inspire, the two meele becomes 3 meele each. Add to that the double strike of the assasin and all of a sudden you have a deadly 9 meele attack every round on the last monsters! Believe me, this takes out the opposition backline monsters faster than you can imagine. The back monsters are usually strategic monsters like healers and cleansers and taking them out usually makes the difference in a close battle. The 9 meele doesn't last till the end of the battle of course, because as I said, Silvershield Knight usually isn't the strongest tank and it will fall pretty quickly. It just has to last long enough for majority of the damage at the opposition back to be done by the sneak monsters! So of my strategy didn't end here, I had make sure my tank lasted as long as possible.


The Defender of Truth made it into the lineup for it's protect ability. In a weak magic rule, this is essentially +2 on the health! And the Armorsmith for it's repair. Also it was meele mayhem, so it wasn't just sitting and repairing, it was also throwing 2 meele attacks on the opposition tank, thanks to the inspire. and as you can see from the battle, the extra armor and the constant repairing turned out to be quite effective and a game changer in the end!


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BDCommunity Witness

@zaku and @reazuliqbal has been the mind and soul behind the BDVoter project and many of you have received some great support for good content from BDV. The bros have been working tirelessly to make onboarding new users onto the HIVE platform by curating from all over the platform! And now they have set up the BDCommunity Witness.

I feel proud that I have been appointed as an ambassador for the BDC witness!

Do consider giving the BDCommunity you witness vote via Hivesigner or you could also go to the Peakd witness page and search manually by typing in BDCommunity

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That's all from me for now!


Until Next Time!


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Ayeee bro.. Your best looking content yet👏👏👏.. Atleast among the ones i have had the pleasure of reading... the style and format is top notch.👌👌👌. I hope you post more frequently..👐👐

Thanks so much bro! Been working on improving my markdown skills. Frequent posting will have to wait a bit more I'm afraid, but I'm trying to stay on schedule and set a reachable target of 3 posts per week!

I understand bro. it must be difficult managing this with your study. Everybody thinks doctors get it easy. But i know better, I studied for medical admission only for three months and my hairs started going white, literally.

I had something to ask you bro. where do you get those paragraph dividers from? i want to use them but they dont seem to work for me.

Heh I already got my share of white hair lol!

Those dividers, I got them from a post I found on the splinterlands discord. I think someone from the splinterlands team designed tgese, not sure tbh. The images on my post should be download-able. Try it. If it doesn’t work, I can send them to you on discord.

Not these dividers exactly.. Ive been working on this fantasy thriller. and I want to style it as this Gothic looking tale. So I wanted to use and experiment with different dividers/seperators. But they post as full pictures, unlike yours. So how do I get past that?

Ah okay I get what you mean. You need to search for "dividers with transparent background." How to make an existing image background transparent, I'm afraid I don’t have the answer to that.

That did the trick. I always downloaded the pics by right clicking and not downloading from the options given.. What happened was I always downloaded JPG o r JPEG's instead of PNG's. And because of that the images weren't transparent and the resolution didn't scale. Thank you. I wouldn't have noticed this if you haven't said transparent background.

No problem, glad it helped!

The formatting of this post made me straight-up excited, bruh. Looks so good!

Also, I was totally the same (and maybe still am). My focus was on reachers, not sneakers. It's like my whole life has been a lie! 😘@carrieallen

Thanks so much 😄

Quite a tricky thing, this snrak ability! But using it in the right battles can make a huge difference.

That assassin double strike hitting 4, poisoning and sneak is always unexpected when you go up against it

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

Yes absolutely! Very notorious and not a lot of defence Against it except for maybe thorns.