Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - To Blast or Not To Blast, That is not even a Question!

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Blast is one of my most favorite abilities and I did a full breakdown on some of the strongest blasters in the splinterlands. I look at blast as a going in "guns blazing" kind of strategy. Attack attack attack, blast 'em all away. And that's exactly how I was using blast at the start and that's how I see most people using blast! But as I played more and more and tried experimenting different tactics, I found blast can also be used very, very strategically and If executed correctly, it can easily derail the opposition's plans in a low mana battle. Yes, this strategy is specifically for low mana battles. In higher mana games, screw strategy, go nuts with the Fireblasters!


The Battle


It was a 16 mana, armored up, no meele ruleset. Here's the Battle Link. Only the fire and water splinters were available.


My Lineup

Having Lord Arianthus as the tank in a no meele battle is a no brainer! The opposition is very likely to be using magic attacks in the lineup. Lord A has void, as well as reflect. So while taking reduced damage, it will also be giving the attack back. In low mana game as this, the opposition is _more_ likely to have monsters with lower magic attack as most low mana monsters have lesser attack strength. So the damage is even less on Lord A. The lower mana monsters also have lower health, usually. So reflecting an attack back might mean I'm able to kill of the enemy monster attacking my tank even faster, maybe even in one round if the health is like 1 or 2.


Albatross at position 2 was the decoy in the lineup, in case the opposition used blast. Or if Lord A fell quickly to take up an attack at tank. Also it's fly increases the miss chance. Creeping ooze for it's slow was essential, as in the low mana games, attacking first can change the entire game scenario! It could also serve as the backup decoy if Albatross died as well and take up an attack at tank if necessary and protect my main attacking Monster.


Ruler of the Seas was my trump card for this battle, in fact my only actual attacker in the lineup. Quite a dangerous strategy to go with only one attacker, but the low mana games, with the possibility of low health monsters at position 2 and 3 gave me the "go ahead" with Ruler of the seas only. With 3 magic attack, it gives a two blast damage to the next monster. What makes Ruler of the seas' blast suitable or superior to the blast of for example Exploding dwarf or fire elemental or fire demon is that, because it is a magic attack, it goes straight to the health, bypassing the armor! So the Armored up rule didn't create too much of an issue for me. As you can see, the opposition also used a blast with pirate archer, but because it was a range attack blast, it went for the armor of albatross and it survived the blast well.


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That's all from me for now!


Until Next Time!


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Bwhaahahaha! "In higher mana games, screw strategy, go nuts..."

For real.

So... I would never have done this lineup! With only one attacker ... is so scary! Though having Lord Anus upfront is almost like an attacker.

I really need to be braver. 😂 @carrieallen

Lord Anus? 😂🤣

This lineup works more often than you’d believe! I actually had to choose from 3-4 similar battles for this post!

Well, our Doctor Simplifylife is now Doctor splinterlands. All hopes are lost.. Who'll save humanity now!! NOOO

Multitasking bro hehe 😎

Now that you mention it, I've really been wanting to do a medical science post for quite some time. The schedule just isn't letting me. Those posts are like 3-4 hours per article including research and referencing etc. I'll also have to clear up my schedule for the Tale of 1000 Hive! Busy week coming up :D

pretty busy week yep. But if you participate, i wont. cause Ill never win then XDXD. I Know i wrote the announcement post but now when im brainstorming like crazy to come up with something interesting to write about, i got nothing. Like nada. Blank, like the 80 year old grandpa in bed XDXD. Help me doc. Give me an idea pill or something .

Naw man,you should participate. For one thing, this is a fun event. But importantly I never win contests 😂 I have bad contest luck, but I'll still participate!

But I agree with you there, this is quite a topic! And it will indeed take a lot of thinking to even get started.

Yep, exactly my point. I think ill go brain dead if i try any harder, LOL.

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