Let me live like me let me do what i love - Three idiots movie review

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We have never been able to evaluate our own desires since we were young. We once lost ourselves in not caring about our own desires. We don't know what we will do now or what we can do in the future. And when we realize things or when those who once forced us to do things I dislike realize that it's not right, we don't have time in our lives to rebuild ourselves. This movie is a lot of examples. Just like when I am very indifferent, every time I see this picture, I get some messages in this picture. No matter how much a person studies, he should pay the price for his will. Someone wants to be a photographer but because of the wishes of his family, the wishes of his neighbors and his relatives, he has to study engineering which can bring a lot of terrible things for him. Those who have seen this movie may know that it is a great movie and there are many aspects to it.

Details :

  • Release Date : December 23, 2009
  • Total Duration : 2 hours 51 minutes
  • Director : Rajkumar Hirani


The main story of this movie is if I want to sell then first of all I have to say an engineering college. In an engineering college, it is difficult to get an opportunity to study engineering. Just like in this movie the three main character train heroes of the movie they got admitted in an engineering college. Then on the first day, they were subjected to various forms of torture by the seniors. Then the three of them started living together in a room. Then they gradually became friends because they studied in the same department in the same class at the same time. In this case, the main character is Aamir Khan. He is very talented but he studied and he believed that all of us should be educated in real education rather than being educated in books. It has humanity and it is possible to show our creativity.


But word of mouth came out that one of them wanted to be a photographer because he could do very good photography and he got offers from many good places to work with them in photography but he wanted his father to go to engineering college but in the end he wanted to. In order to share with his friends, his friends advise him that you should do whatever you can, whatever you want. This is how the relationship between the three friends is formed. They share everything with each other. One of them was a professor, he was just a frog in the well and he made his students so they didn't know anything outside the book but the main character in the movie didn't like it. And he protested all the time. For this he had to suffer many kinds of harassment from that professor. But she is first and foremost in the final exams with her intellect and creativity and her friends are in stage


Aamir Khan, who was the main character in the movie, fell in love with Kareena Kapoor, the youngest daughter of the professor and a close relationship developed between them. But Aamir Khan Aamir Khan was a child of a very poor family. He studied in this college on behalf of another person and gave his certificate to the person who later studied for it. His friends found out the picture at the end. And in the end, even though they became engineers, they didn't need a certificate to run for whatever they wanted, they just needed willpower and hard work.


Full Movie :


In the end the message I get from the movie is that we should do exactly what we can. None of us impose anything on others. Should not be forced. Due to our lack of proper knowledge we cannot put our lives in the right place in the right place so we should all believe in ourselves and believe in our work and work hard but success in life will come. A really great movie. This movie has a lot of interesting stories as well as education.

My Personal Rating - 9.5/10

Best Regards


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