Durga Pooja 2020

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Remember Durga Pooja being celebrated throughout the country? The whole city would be dressed up festivities, blanketed by the colorful lights; and the sound of drums and music, people chanting and dancing and celebrating? Yes, I remember it too. But this year the scenario is a little bit different.


When I was a kid, I used to annoy my parents to take me to see Durga Pooja. The streets will be beautifully decorated and the music would be so loud that your eardrums will bleed. During my University years, one of my roommates told me that during Pooja people would be competing to make the best Pandal. People would be so competitive; they would go all the way to make the presentation of the year. It would seem like they all will be waiting for a whole year for this celebration.


It wasn’t a planned visit. Just out of the blue; my sister and I went out to run an errand and we thought why not go and see a Navami celebration. But it wasn’t as festive as we were used to seeing, but still just as much as beautiful. The worshippers placing their offering, people dancing, blasting music; everything was there; it was a lesser crowd though.


What about your experience this year?



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Happy celebrations!

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