Taking your business to another angle with the aid of technology

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If we are to browse through the old ages we will see that business has increased massively over time. The increment I am referring to about is not that the biscuit that is sold for $1 is now $2, I am referring to the increase that have seen business growth been affected internally. When you are doing anything in this life the aspect you want to see is how the thing has progressed from one stage to the other. That is what will really gladden your heart. Imagine you started your business in your locality and in just few years time the business is now heard all over the entire globe, won't you be happy? Such growth can only happen with the aid of technology.

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Permit me to tell you a story of a friend who embrace technology in my area. He is into selling of wears. Normally when he started back in the ages he met people who will go to local market situated close to them to buy wears. They will now add some additional money to it to sell the product. This was how they were running their things for years before technology started running in. What Mr Emeka did was to quickly acknowledge and embrace technology as he quickly adopt technology into his business. What he did was to take his business online. He started by promoting his business through facebook and later he opened a whatapp group strictly to promote his business.

You need to see how he was spending money so heavily when he first started, his colleagues that were running same business with him were all laughing at him, they said he is not wise that he loves wasting money and if he is not careful enough he will loose his business. He told them he doesn't care what the outcome is, he knows that if what he is trying fails, he will learn from experience. At least there is no harm in trying. This is what he keeps telling them all the time. Despite how heavily he was criticize he keeps on pushing on with his business and the turn around came. Do you knows that his business attracted outside attention. Do you know that a big firm in China fall in love with his product and they strike a deal which later saw him supplying them. This is how Emeka's story change for the best. The people that were laughing at him were now the one running to him for him to guide them on how he did his, any way he thought them how he make use of technology to give his business more attention.

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From the above story we all can see that he was able to take his local business to an apex height through the aid of technology. It was technology that made whatapp and facebook a success. He made use of the technology and his business caught foreign peoples attention, this is how he achieve apex with his business.

I know a lady who took advantage of youtube channel, do you know what she did with her youtube account? She is into cake baking, she has people she is tutoring. Somebody told her to open a youtube channel so that her lectures can be seen by others too. She thought of it and decided to give it a try. She started her youtube channel and gradually she started growing her account. Do you know that after 2 years of uploading her content online, she is now reaping heavily from it. Because of how good her job is she has won a lot of contract which has made her a lot of money. Today she can't do without youtube because she knows what she is benefitting from it. Know that technology are added advantage to your business, make proper use of it and see your business hitting the next level.


When it comes to business you have to be smart, because others are doing it one way doesn't mean you have to do it same way, sometimes you have to be different. The technology in place is an added addition to your business, make proper use of it.

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