The Revenge That Came Through Wild Ecstasy - (Erotica Fiction)

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When she kissed my lips, I could feel every surge of emotion running through my veins. I wanted to stop her, I tried to, but my hands were unable to carry themselves. I could feel every muscle moving in careless disarray. That moment, the spirit was willing, but the body was weak.


Her hands found their way through the zip of my trousers, as she unzipped my trousers, I watched her follow a certain rhythmical movement in a slow motioned technique. So many questions clustered in my mind.

Why was she here?

I mean after 5years of walking out of my life. All the years, why did she not bother about my life or survival? She left me wounded, cracked without a trace nor glimmer of hope. Not once did I receive a letter from her.

Is she here to remind me that she had endured my poverty-stricken self all the years? Is she here to taunt me about how good for nothing I was? Well, times changed and so did everything else. My life has experienced a major turnaround, since her disappearance.

The subtle grip of my groins brought me back to the world of realistic fantasy. Laura was there, standing with her face, beautifully powdered, and her lips painted to give an alluring beautiful curve that makes me lose my mind.

I was darting in and out of consciousness with questions on why she was here - unfortunately, I didn't sleep in thoughts because of the beautiful things she was doing to me. It made me feel extremely excited.

Laura took my hands and led me into the bedroom, now I was almost naked. She kissed me with a passionate feel and pushed me to the bed. I fell with my back to the bed like a golden statue in expectation of what she would do to me.

She unhooked her bra to reveal her firm breast with a nipple as hard as gravel. She stripped, crawled gently to me, like a wild cat targeting its prey. She climbed on me and inserted my manhood into her. Now, the blood flow had intensified. At the sudden outburst of emotions, I grabbed her waist, turned her onto the bed, while lifting her hips to meet my manhood in humble supplication.


Every muscle in my manhood had stretched, without thinking, I clicked into her. I hit harder this time, while she screamed in wild ecstasy. My eyes were blood-shot. Yes, it was what I wanted. I wanted her to pay for all the pains I had been through. In the heat of pleasure, I ejaculated.

Moments later, my nerves were all calm, the sweat made everything messy. But it wasn't the time to clean up, it was a moment of truth.

I feel no love for Laura anymore, looking at her on the bed, lying half-naked, I knew that between us, it was over. She was everything I ever wanted, but not anymore.

Right now, she is nothing close to what I want. She has no place in my future. The piece of me she cracked, can never be fixed to accommodate her anymore.

I realized that I had healed completely from the hurt. Now, it's payback.

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