Positive Minds In A Negative World

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Most times it seems like today is worse than the previous days with the crisis going on, war, insecurities and the list keeps increasing. It almost seems like the world would never catch it's breath and of course it affects our mindset. You turn on the news and it's like a bad news competition among tv stations which could almost drive you nuts. How does one stay positive during times like this? Well there are many things you can actually do depending on what rocks your boat

First thing I would recommend is taking a break from it all. Except you are the president of the country and can actually make changes with a law or a phone call, all you can do is take a break. By worrying one can't even solve one problem much less half of them. You can take a break from the tv, social media or people you know constantly carry bad news.if you can afford it go on a vacation to whichever destination you prefer with your family or friends to relax your mind. While this might not take the problems away it would help you be more relaxed in handling them or the way you perceive them.

Secondly listen to your favourite music or watch your favourite movies. For me when things get extra edgy, I have a particular playlist I turn to. With my airpods and my favourite music, give me some minutes and I am good to go. For some people it could be a movie or watching cartoons with your children. While the world we live in may not be as perfect as that portrayed in the movie , relax and enjoy it so it can take your mind off everything.

Thirdly stay away from negative people. You know them, people with the ability to make a mountain out of a mohill. Making things seems worse than they already are, hanging around people like that will only make you dwell on problems. And the more you dwell on problems the more problems you find and the more sorrowful you become. Be careful to surround yourself with positive people who believe there are silver linings to every cloud. I don't mean you become dumb and hang on to false hopes because you know we are just as good as the people around us.

You should also try being grateful. Rather than constantly pointing out the things that are going wrong in your life or in the world try to be appreciative about the things you have. Appreciate your family, your benefits, your privileges and other good things around you. It will also help change the way you perceive the world around you.
Another thing you can do is to infuse positivity in all you do. In your words, your actions, the kind of things you buy and even the color of your walls or the stickers on your fridge. By doing this constantly it becomes an habit that helps you live better in a negative world.