Procastination And It's Antidote

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Procastination happens to most of us although it's safe to say some are more addicted to procastination than others. At one point in our lives we have procastinated things we ought to do, for some due to lack of interest and for some it is just an habit they can't get over. Sadly it keeps us from accomplishing certain things in life at a time that would have been perfect to achieve them. This doesn't mean some people change, they eventually find themselves still procastinating even with the guilt and regret they felt at that time, loosing opportunities and time that would have been diverted to do other things. Procastination can simply be put as doing the right thing at the wrong time.

In today's world it is very easy to procastinate, there are video games, social media,Netflix, cool places to visit and delicious food at new restaurants to explore. If you are not careful, these days you could stay all day in a spot wasting time when you have so many things to do. Other than these external factors, our internal factors are also at work. That means the greater your willpower to get things done the less you procastinate and vice versa. It is also important to note that procastination and laziness are very different. While a lazy person doesn't want to do certain activities at all, a procastinator will do them at the wrong time i.e they can't bring themselves to start or do things.

To put a pause on procastination is a gradual process. You can start by taking actions rather than overthinking. Most procastinator loose themselves in the process of thinking about things to do, you keep thinking and thinking the idea out when you ought to be doing them. This doesn't mean you do things without thinking but rather you learn to take more actions than you think i.e spend more time doing than thinking. It won't happen immediately but with time and discipline you should see yourself getting better.

Secondly create a to-do-list on the things you need to do each day and stick to them. It takes a whole lot of discipline as well, by sticking to your list you feel a sense of accomplishment and this drives you to do more. You could also reward yourself for doing things at the right time but be careful that you don't tie your actions to the rewards you intend to get after.

You could also share your goals with people you know can keep you on your toes. Not people that will probably laugh with you or pat you on the head but rather people who will tell you as it is. That way you would be embarrassed and try to do things instead of procastinating.

You could also tie things you love to things you dislike. That way you would be more interested in getting things done and getting them done faster as well. For example you don't go shopping until you process overdue work emails, you don't watch your favorite show until you get all your house chores done. While you may not enjoy them, you would be eager to get them over with because you know you would be doing something you like as well. In all it takes great will power, a heart ready to change and discipline to get over procastination.