Morning Get Away Art to Calm the Nerves

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Evening Fellas

With the second day of Eid Celebrations almost passed, I am already feeling tired and exhausted. I know it is weird to feel disturbed after all it is a festival that I used to love. May be this fucking heat is making me crazy, or I am just getting older.

I woke up this morning and turned my laptop on to have a quick peek at Hive and discord. After few minutes of surfing , I turned to NVIDIA GauGANI started drawing, empty minded. 20 mins of careless stokes and a cup of coffee resulted in this:


And now that I am in my sane mind, looking at it me makes me wonder, how this place came into being. May this a little comfort corner that I had tucked away in my subconscious; a place a part of me wanna sneak to when the HALLO BALLO becomes too much to bear.

In case if you are wondering about GauGAN, it is NVIDIA’s viral real-time AI art application. It uses spatially-adaptive normalization to transform rough segmented sketches to stunning photo realistic landscapes.

Here have a look at the source sketch, that GauGAN AI brought to life:


Amazing to see how machines can read and translate your thoughts. Hope you like it.



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Nice paradise for Summer Vacations. hehe
One more top quality Gaugans on the contest.
Welcome back.😊