100% Dcity Tax

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Have you ever heard of 100% tax on something? Maybe yes or maybe not? but let me introduce to you Dcity and yes in Dcity I am paying off 100% tax Yaay. I've always been against the huge amount of tax issue. My city is taking the extensive margin of formality. I own a small city and I realised how heavy taxes can be painful. Now I totally get this why Rich people move to tax-free areas. Paying huge taxes are just utter shit. Everything should be moderated. Extreme of everything leads to various problems.

Total Tax

Total tax I am paying 100%(108.781%)

  • Income tax 73%(It was 65% before)
  • Police tax 1%
  • Education tax 5%
  • Basic tax 19%
  • Art tax 5%
  • War tax (Lobby) 6%

I even have a tax reduction card activated and that card is reducing my tax by 10%. So after a 10% reduction of the tax, I am still paying 97% tax lolz big lol. By the time I was getting some sim income I was ok with my city but now when I get nothing but shit It pisses me off. Ranting was obvious so I went to the dcity official server and ranted about tax. I got some replies.

  • President set high taxes(I know this tell me something I don't know :/)
  • that's why it's better to participate in governance.
  • Communism
  • The SIM printing presses were burnt down by a mob of SIM dumpers. DCity is so realistic there are even riots here.
    All the replies I got from big Dcity holders.











Currently, Dcity is not supporting dynamic backgrounds, that was the real reason my city was so laggy. I changed its background to static and now it is working fine. So if you facing the same issue then edit your city and change the dynamic background to static.

I did something very funny :P XD I don't even know how government works and I just registered myself for the presidential Candidate :P XD I only know how to blame presidents for implying so much taxes. I thought that registration is for voting the most deserving and accurate presidential candidate. I didn't know I will become one candidate uggh How to revoke this action? It seems I just wasted 300 Sim :( especially when the Sim income is like this.


I think while making a rant post I just screwed up and wasted my precious 300 SIm :(. helppppp I want my sim back :P XD See you all in the next post take care


I use to really like dcity and enjoyed building up my city but now that the average small player can no longer earn sim (due to being taxed to death) I'll just take my money elsewhere.

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true I also used to like dcity but now it is becoming trash

(I know this tell me something I don't know :/)

Challenge accepted!

All the replies I got from big Dcity holders.

Small dCity holders do not hang around the Discord server. They come, post their rants and go. They do not spend time to comment on your rant as the dedicated players do.
That is why you should have found a general gaming server and rant there. The audience fits much better (results of posting here seem to support the point).

I think while making a rant post I just screwed up and wasted my precious 300 SIm

You wasted about the same amount of value (or more than that) failing to include the #archon tag.

hehe oops, i will include the archon tag next time. thank you for stopping by. Good criticism :P Xd

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