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Yes, I did it for the very first time. I made it to the top 25 and I was super excited. Well on last moments leaderboard situation has always been very intense. And When you see how people are battling and losing games then it gives you little tension if You should play or not. Because anything can happen. Anyways I was already in top 50. All i needed just one more battle. I was stalking leaderboard like an alien. I just can't even imagine the number of times I clicked on leaderboard :P XD. Last 7 minutes remaining and I hit the battle option. I was lucky enough I got an easy opponent. Approximate yes when I saw approximate is my opponent I was a bit sure I am going to win this battle. I did it and got 16 points.

These 16 points took me from position 29 to position 23. It's not magic, nor a miracle. Hard work and my keep buying cards spree made it possible. Yes As I mentioned in my previous post I just maxed my Yodin Zaku and now I am working on my fire deck. I've been buying plenty of fire deck cards for the past couple of days and it is still going on.

Today is, even more, a crazy day I just maxed my Alpha Gold Dragon yooo. I bought level 2 Alpha gold Dragon at 10$/BCX but today when I saw it is listed 6.85$/BCX I just couldn't resist myself. I went ahead and purchased 6 BCX Alpha Gold dragon.

Gold Dragon



I spent 60k decs just in a blink of an eye. But when you have decided enough is enough time to get maxed all useful cards then you don't look at the prices, You just go and buy your favourite cards. When I told my friends that I just maxed out my Alpha Gold dragon they were like why?. According to them, Alpha cards are obsolete now and there is no such use case remaining. Well, I do believe Alpha's are still the best version of cards. Right now I have both Beta and Alpha. I've leased Beta one so let me share the difference.

Look at the beauty of the Alpha. Now let me tell you the use case of Alpha version over beta. I can play Alpha tournaments, When you use Alpha card during ranked battle you earn more decs, Alpha would help in Upcoming Land Mining. Inshot Alpha is just badass. Alpha cards are a little expensive so not everyone can afford them hence excuses. Some think I am buying alpha card I am not smart and pretty dumb. Ok, If spending money on your passion makes you dumb then I am now? lolz

Yesterday during season-ending tension when people were busy playing, let me tell you what I was doing. I was busy buying the reward cards, those have been out printing I was busy upgrading them. I didn't max them when I had the opportunity and I am now regretting but it is what it is. You learn over time.

The Cards I maxed last night





Serpentine spy, Goblin Fireballer, Goblin Mech and Exploding dwarf. I've been really silly as I never paid attention to my reward cards. Now when I am battling in higher leagues I got to know the worth of each and every card.

Now time to talk about season rewards buhahahahah😂 I laugh out loud when I think about my season reards :P. Anyways I didn't pull anything good except 2 untamed packs and lots of rare cards. The good thing is I pulled 6 kelp initiate. I like this rare card and have been buying in order to the max it. I need 4 more to max my Kelp.

Season Chest Loots





All chest loots were the same. There is nothing good to share. I am surprised out of almost 500 chest loots from all account I couldn't get a single legendary. That shit is really an alarming situation. yet I am investing my all money like an idiot. My friends are actually right I am seriously dumb. Yea while writing this post I just pissed again while uploading screenshots of my season rewards :P XD

Anyways enough ranting I hope you guys got something good out of your season rewards. I am signing out see y'all take care




Nicely done. Congrats. thanks for sharing.

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Damn, looks impressive! Haven't played it and I don't even want to get started because there is work needed to be done! I would lose myself in this game so it's better for me.

Congratulations to you, though! You made it to the top!

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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

very nice post xawi and congratz !! Thats really quite of an achievement! God bless, keep it going!

Congratulations, I wish you more luck 😃💫
Take good care of you and family, big hugs 💕

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