How to calculate SPS airdrop points

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Heya warrior's wassup?

I remember I shared one useful link in my one post. And that link is so useful that you can check your packs value, the value of the loot chest you earn from your daily quest. You can calculate the low prices gap and the one most useful tool that I loved the most is the SPS airdrop points calculator.

The other day when I was lurking in the official splinterlands server Maverick channel. Someone shared his SPS airdrop points. Those points were so amazing that it urges me to calculate mine.

Step 1

Go to this website Splintercards

Step 2

then click on the tools and then click on the SPS Airdrop calculator.


It will take you to this page where you will have to fill are the required blanks.


First, blank box is the collection power of owned cards. If you don't know how to check the collection power of owned cards then go to peakmonsters and click on the collection and in the collection, you will see the option of bulk so just click on it.



On the right side scroll down a bit and in the other category tick the box of owned cards.


I have gotten my collection power of owned cards I will just start filling the form. I don't have decs because if I will have a dec balance I will use them in buying cards :P. I have untamed packs but I know I am going to open them before the airdrop so I didn't fill up that box. I don't own any title :( I purchased skin sets common, rare and epic. The legendary set is still on my mind. I have only 20k spt tokens in my main account rest of the spt I have staked on my alt account. After filling up the form when I hit calculate option then I got my airdrop points.


Just 158k :P XD I am saying just because I have seen points of whales oh damn those whales should be proud man :P Anyways quite an easy way to calculate your SPS airdrop points. If you want to calculate yours then I hope I have described it in well manner way :P XD if any confusion, do comment in the comment section I will try my best to solve the issue. See ya take care


Splintercards is a very useful site!
you have a great collection, my collection value is 10% of your collection value :)
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If I have my SPT staked to an alt will I not get any SPS for that stake then?

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I have staked spt to an alt but I play that alt as well. I will be getting SPS drop. If your alt didn;t have spell book then I'd suggest unstack them and stake to your main account

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Precisely what I'm doing - with a whole year of drop I can't imagine missing out on 2-3 weeks of SPS for SPT is going to get me anywhere near $10 worth of tokens!

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You are in the same situation as me, the SPT tokens in my curation account will not be considered for the Airdrop and that is why I am considering buying the Spell Book for my alt account as well.
The alternative is unstaking, sending them to the main account and then delegating them....

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Oh do you have to actually buy the spell book? It isn't enough to just have a Hive account?!?

There wouldn't be enough time left to unstake them now probably.

With my stake being worth less than $50 I don't think spending $10 on a spell book would be worth it.

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Yes without speelbooks an account does not receive rewards of any kind on Splinterlands because is not a player.
I have 78000 SPT on my alt account which should give 3-4 SPS tokens per day (estimated value).
We don't know the value the SPS tokens will have so I am still evaluating what to do. If I buy another spellbooks I should play as well but right now I don't have that much time... I still have to think about which choice is better...

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I think I'm just going to powerdown and hold the SPT in my main account, I can't imagine the SPS tokens are going to be worth that much!

Good information

glad it helped :)

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Wow, that is just an awesome website! First time I'm reading about it. Thanks for the info!

Looks like I will be getting somewhere between 200 and 300 SPS daily. I'm not sure but wasn't it mentioned in one of the AMA's that SPS was sold for something around 0.017$ to private investors ?

wow nice. and you are welcome

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Thanks for this Xawi. I just worked out mine. 11 Million! That's crazy lol

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wow Ray damn that's huge

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Nice! I think I have around 30-40 million