Octopider-It has nearly all the most terrifying features of both spiders and octopi

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Octopider I think octopider is one of the most underrated monsters. If only you know how cool it is in your death deck then you must want to have this monster in your death collection. I use it when I want to blind all the monsters of my enemy or I want to demoralize the melee attack of my opponent.



Octopider is a reward edition rare monster and it belongs to the darkness of the death :P XD. It gives demoralize ability at level 3 and you get blind ability at level 7. At a maxed level, it gives you 5 ranged attack along with 4 speed and 8hp. Currently, it is trading at 0.10$/bcx. I was lucky enough I didn't buy any Octopider All I got from my quest rewards.

MY Battle 🏆


Xawi Vs Digital-Wisdom


I was given Earthquake and Lost magic rules. The only active sprinters were water, earth and death. And I was pretty sure My opponent is going to use earth splinter. And when it comes to counter earth splinter Mimosa is the right choice.

My Line-up

  • Mimosa Nightshade
  • Lord of darkness
  • Corrupted pegasus
  • Shadowy presence
  • Parasitic growth
  • Soulstorm
  • Octopider

What and why

Why Mimosa?

Well As I mentioned up there I was given the earthquake rule. And the only active splinters were earth, death and water. I was expecting an earth attack so when you want to counter earth then Mimosa is the best choice. Normally I use Brightenbloom in earthquake rule but sadly dragon splinter wasn't active. My opponent didn't disappoint me and yep he used earth splinter :P XD. Splinterlands has become the judging game instead of cards. In the champion league, we all know everyone has maxed deck so what thing makes you the winner? right decision at right time. Sometimes it goes in your favour and sometimes not but yea that's how this game works. When I see my opponent I take some time to analyze what my opponent could use in this situation.
Anyways I went with Mimosa Nightshade and I used Lord of the darkness as a defender because he is a savage defender. My next monster is Corrupted pegasus it has the flying ability so it was saved from earthquake rules also it heals the monster in the first position. My next choice is Shadowy presence well I love this 1 mana epic. It inspires and strengthens your team. My next monster is Parasitic growth. I used it because it has scavenger ability which could help this monster last a bit longer in the game. Next, I used Soulstorm It gives snare ability which is quite bad for flying monsters. Also, it reduces the ranged attack of your enemy. Last but not least of course I used the theme of the week Octopider. Octopider is a pretty strong monster but its high mana don't let me use it all the time :P I hope you'd enjoy my battle See ya in the next challenge post. Over n out take care

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