#play2earn: My Success story of splinterlands

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Yes, you are reading it right My success story of Slingerlands. It's been three years on a Hive blockchain and I've been playing splinterlands for the past 2 years. In two years of my splinterlands career, I have seen and witnessed a lot of things. Some were depressing and some things boosted up my energy.

There have been days when I saw people freekin out and selling their cards thinking splinterlands is not worth their time anymore. There were days when people said she is crazy putting all her earnings into this game. There were days when I took big loans from Neo sir to build my deck and then I had to post non stop on the hive in order to pay my debts.

I have seen plenty of ups and downs and I kept investing in this game because at that time I was playing it just for fun. All I wanted is my deck should be maxed. Then anytime tournaments got introduced and before I was not a very active tournament player but anytime tournaments made my life easy and I started playing all the tournaments. Tournament winnings speed up the process of upgrading my deck. Now the situation is I feel bore if there is no tournament :P

A girl who started playing this game for fun is now a millionaire of this game :P I mean yes.

I have three accounts. xawi my main account is worth 70k$. My second account is everythingsmgirl worth 10k Usd. I created this account because those days I was trying to convert my main deck xawi into Alpha edition. So instead of selling my Beta cards I created a new account for them and started playing. I have an almost gold-level account and I thank God I never sold my cards for pennies and now they are much much more expensive.

My third account zawarrior lolz I never wanted to have another account but during those days when Umatmed got launched I wanted to buy untamed packs. Reazuliqbal my friend asked me if I have any referrals so I will get cashback and a discount. I said no then he said to create a one. He suggested zawarrior name. Later I started transferring my gold cards to that account and Now I can proudly say my account is complete untamed/dice silver level account. Zawarrior is almost 15k$ worth of account atm.
Total I have 90k+$ assets in splinterlands. Can you imagine a girl who started from scratch will become a millionaire just by playing a game? Well yes, I learnt determination and consistency is the key to success. ANd this is the lesson I will teach to my kids :P XD

Splinterlands has started a tag on Twitter #play2earn. It is indeed true.

SPS airdrop life-changing moment

SPS drop is going to be a life-changing thing for all the spinner lands players. Evil eyes off I am very happy for splinterlands. This rapid growth of the game made it super powerful. When I was investing in splinterlands I didn't think I will be airdropped by money for holding my stuff. I pity those who left this game. This game can easily make one Richthulu :P XD

SPS drop on my all 3 accounts




With the current price of SPS 288+38+103==>429$/day. I have tract as well so for tract 186 SPS/day and my some gold foil legendaries are in #neoxian.hold account for loan collateral. And Neo sir said I will be getting 138 SPS for my cards.

So let's calculate again :P XD

My daily SPS drop would be above 500$/day. Isn't it amazing? 500$/day is a huge amount where I live.
For all the splinterlands success I want to thank God who gave me such skills that I could make it possible. I would like to thanks Neo sir who supported me at every step where I needed him. Thank you Splinterlands for making us rich :P

If you want to earn then splinterlands is the right game for you. #play2earn

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You are a poster-child of a pro player. Your success is a showcase of success of the game itself and what it can do to people from the developing world. I am from there, so I know how important financial freedom is. Congratulations, Xawi!

Poster-child😂 thank you so much Azir. And thank you so much for the support you are giving to people. You are awesome.

Wow congratulations, 429$/day. Is really a great deal😍. You have become more richer ⁦☺️⁩


!giphy rich

Thank you :)


!giphy welcome

Hi Xawi! I am not one to post these forums, especially when I have NO idea about ANYTHING of the subject but was inspired.

I’m a huge NFT fan – it’s all I’ve known the past four years. It’s what kept me up at night & pulled me out of bed in the morning. Money was never my goal– it didn’t motivate me! The challenge, the opportunity to do something fun did – or even more made me happy! Whatever happened was extra – but not my ‘why’ in life.

It’s been tough – markets don’t always “go up!” Shit can be VERY difficult. Staying motivated is hard – especially when everyone around you just disappears when it's not so much fun!! LIKE WTF!! It can be scary & lonely – but ya don’t stop! Ever!

Clearly you didn’t – you worked, you got up, you grinded, you NEVER QUIT! And now that pain, perseverence & SKILLS are to be rewarded! Whatever comes your way YOU earned – and maybe enjoyed the journey too!?! 😊

Continue to be proud, continue to grow, continue to motivate others! As one of the elite’s around here it probably gets harder-but it seems you are up to task! Things might change, things might not -- but that’s the FUN! Stay humble, stay grounded – keep learning, keep teaching – you are what this is all about – and so many others like you – time to shine! Congrats – you deserve it all!

(btw -that ZenSports tournament last week? – after DYGYCON on Twitch!?! Yeah, I saw it too - first tournament I ever watched! I laugh because the guys kept mentioning XAWI & “loser’s bracket” -- she’s playing out of the “loser’s bracket!” - OK…ok, so a noob like me thought – “oh boy – no chance, slaughtered, this girl is done!” LOL, was it even close?!? Don’t think they expected the “loser’s bracket” to perform like so! Nice job! Winner’s win!)

yes, that Zensports tournament :P thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by. I appreciate

500$ a day!!Just wow and congratulation xawi.

wow 500$ a day is very amazing!
Congrats for this result!
My income is 48$ a day




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nice congrats to you too and yes great result indeed

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Congrats Khan.. Thank you for helping my splinterlands journey and beyond.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Determination and consistency is the key to success. Inspiring...

Glad you find it inspiring :)

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Before I start, I should know that what others have gone through. I'm learning through the process.