Who you are is defined by what you do especially when nobody is watching :)

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Whenever I feel low I close my eyes and take a long deep breath and then I start thinking positive. There are days when I feel so low and I don't find enough energy to do anything. Mostly it happens when I am being targeted by my mama for using too much laptop. Today early in the morning when I was updating the spreadsheet of our guild and when I realised I am done with my online tasks and I can sleep now. Suddenly rain started I went out to enjoy early morning rain but instead of enjoying the rain, my mama scolded me too hard that why I am still awake or what do I do all night on my laptop. I told her I do some online work. I am literally tired of explaining this simple fact to her that people can work online. I am tired of explaining to her about crypto and the game I play. Can you imagine I can't say her directly that I play game :P XD she might kill me on the spot after knowing that I am ruining my eyes for a game :P


I told her plenty of times I am making more than an average employee of our country but she says where are your earning? why can't we see? I told her that whatever I earn I reinvest that's how I was able to build huge online assets. My assets are locked and just to prove that I am earning quite good I cant sell things. Believe me or not sometimes your close relations demotivates you a lot.

Growing up In Pakistan as a girl is not that easy.
What situations we face and we deal with them.

Let me share some of them

When I was quite young my mama taught me one lesson which I learnt very well. Don't give a boy a chance to toy your feelings. Don't talk to boys unnecessarily. If you are in your night Pjays you cant come in front of your baba or even brothers. Go back and come in proper clothes. Don't go outside at night(well I also don't like going outside at night without my family). Don't talk about periods in public. If you don't want to be sexualized then just don't wear such type of clothes you think Men would attract.

The most important lesson that I was reminded of today again. I am tired of this lesson but you can't help it :P so just


My mama to me: Wy can't you behave like a good girl? you are supposed to go to another house. Where no one one will correct your mistakes but if you keep you behaviour same your mother in law will throw you out :P XD

Do you guys know what is the funniest joke in our society? Don't talk to boys but there you go we have found a stranger for you to get married 😂to. Another lesson that was reminded by mama. After marriage cooking and being a housewife would be your only responsibilities what would you do with your degrees? or your online work?

Then here comes the example of my mama.

Look at me I am a psychologist and what I am doing? cooking and taking care of my house. Now I am confused if she is trying to make my mind for marriage or scaring me off?


So after taking those lectures how do I stay calm and gather my energy? Well as I mentioned at the starting of my post i close my eyes take a deep breath and remind myself.

Some bitter experience can't demotivate you xawi. There will be days when you won't get any support. There will be days when people might turn against you. So during those days, there would be only one person who will always be there for you to support and that person is you, yourself. I appreciate myself and I clap for myself. Because I am the only one, my own motivation. It is very important to be your own motivation when you are being discouraged by your close ones. What I can do for myself no one can.

Take step carefully because whatever I will do will define who I am when nobody is watching.

I spilt out my all anger on my post :P XD I am feeling very light so I am taking a nice nap break see ya lovely people :)


You are define by how you look. And by your DNA

Everything else is a fucking holodeck

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