Splinterlands Quidditch [Best Little League Line Up] War for the survival of peace in the village

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Battle video

If we look at the pages of the past, it becomes clear to us that life is full of strange events. And in every age, human beings have fought against oppression and defeated these oppressive creatures. If we consider ourselves weak and kneel before oppressive creatures, then our life will be imprisoned in every way. And we have heard that if you are weak and you intend to do something, you can defeat the enemy from the strongest to the strongest. But the need is how you prepare yourself for these situations.
It is a matter of many times that some people lived in a settlement. And that settlement was very beautiful. The people living in this town were decent and were living a prosperous life in this beautiful town. Such a beautiful time passed and suddenly one morning

Suddenly one morning a strange creature attacked this village. The invading creatures were terrifying. Their teeth were big and their nails were sharper than a sword. Their tongues were very long. The voice was so terrible that anyone could hear it. Her ears began to ache and her brain began to spin.
That horrible bloodthirsty creature attacked this beautiful town every morning and evening.
The joys of the town had turned to mourning and fear.
And there were clouds of fear and sorrow everywhere.
The people of the smiling town no longer went out of their houses.
Thus the people of the settlement were getting weaker day by day. And food shortages began to arise.
Thus one evening all the people of the village came together. And everyone suggested that we should leave this town now because we are weak people.

And we can't compete with this cruel, bloodthirsty creature. The villagers were very upset. It was during this conversation that some young people got up and said that we will fight against this cruel creature. We will save the people of our village and town from these dragons.

The elders of this town began to say, "We have not learned to fight. We have learned to spread unity, peace and love all our lives." We do not know how to fight against the cruel, bloodthirsty, dangerous and savage creatures. War requires training and we have trained our youth to spread peace and love.
Hearing this, all the youth of the town said, "We will get training and then we will fight these dragons."
To achieve peace, we must now train to fight them.
Thus an old man who was the oldest person in the town.
I am old now but I know how we can defeat these dragons.
He formed an army of a few young men.
And he guided the training of the youth.

Thus began the war with the bloodthirsty dragon for the survival of the settlement and the survival of happiness, peace and prosperity.
And in this war, weak and young people were trained.
And when the birds and other creatures saw that the dragons that have set fire to the mountains and the forest, humans are preparing for war against them. So those creatures also joined hands with the people of this town to fight against these dragons and thus an organized army was formed. Who will systematically fight against these terrible dragons.
Thus, people with different abilities became part of this army and thus an army was formed to fight for the existence of this settlement and for the maintenance of peace and prosperity and for the protection of the settlement.

In this army, there were both the weak and the old. The youth were playing the role of the first batch. There were also archers. There were also soldiers fighting with spears and swords. There were also flying birds. There were also horsemen. There were also those who competed with magical powers, and most importantly, those who treated the wounded. Thus an organized army was formed.
Now we were waiting for the battle that was to take place with these bloodthirsty dragons. Due to which the mountains, forests and unrest were everywhere.
Thus the battle was called the Little League. The battle was called the Little League because on the one hand there were dragons with dangerous, terrifying looks and immense magical powers, and on the other hand there were a few young people from the weak town. That is why this battle is called Little League

Thus, when the training was completed, one morning the people of the town began to approach the enemy, and when the dragons arrived, the young men of the town were already ready to face them.
Let me tell you now. In this Little League, the army that was formed to protect the settlement included soldiers of what abilities. And how these brave soldiers crushed the army of a bloodthirsty dragon with less power.


My Battle -Best Little League Line Up


Fog of the war Rule

in this rule all monster lose the sneak and snipe abilities then its mean if your monster has these abilities then these abilities will not help them in the war in attacking so there is very much important things that before entering in the battle we need to well understand the rules of war , then we have chances to manage place the army in best way . so if you want to place best line up in little then it is first and last that you have eyes on rules then select your monster for fight according to rules then go in field of fight against any level enemy.

Little League Rule

second rule is theme rule of the this post, so in this post theme is little league so we will manage our army monsters according to this rule, and we will try to share this that how my line up was best under this rule so first little league rule is that in this rule we have choice only one that we can use 4 mana monster or summoner in this rule battle, so we can not use over 4 mana cost any monster in this battle rule, it is easy rule for those people who has not very much heavy card or high mana cost monsters but as i said in my starting line, that village people were weak in power, so young people was very much young so we can not image that little league mean young weak health monsters that will take participate in this battle , so in training also were young people of village that took participate to fight against cruel dragons.



My lineup Strategy

as you know theme of challenge is little league then here we will try to share best line up according to the them e of battle, so my first plan was to select those monsters that has good health and good attacking speed, in cost of 4 mana or low. so why i was thinking this in my plan, because if my monster has good health then there are huge chances that my splinter can took more time to fight with opponent , this was also in my mind that if my opponent select magic ability monsters then there hitting range will be at leat one health killing, so if i placed good heath monster then i have good chances to survival the village from dragon attack in future and my village can be safe. so this was in my mind , 2nd my plan was that i will place place healing monster that will help to health health of first position monster in the battle in this way in each round my first card can get health back and will be again fresh to fight with new passion in battle, so third my plan was this that 2nd card should be also high attacker than first one, so if my first position monster died early then my 2nd attacker will attack with full power , other three monster will try to destroy line up of opponent army so with these plan i selected my army to make safe village from cruel dragon attack.


i used RARE Water Summoner in this battle to lead the army. it is not common torture it has many abilities that help to increase the abilities of monsters in start of game, so it has also magic skills and increase passion in monster to fight with more power strength in the battle, one of the best rule of fight in the battle is that if you are weak and aware about it then keep in mind that you can get victory if you never think in battle that you are weak, just fight with full of passion strength that will bring every victory in your feed so Bortus is not only living in the mountain it has ability of this that there is no one strong than him so this thought behaviour in history that we read about it that bring this battle victory and he is not ready to destroy the all dragon those are destroying the peace solidarity of town so now bortus leaded in this battle with these thoughts . so i believe it that tortuous is best summoner in little league rule with 2nd fog of the war.

Many of the Turtle people known as Tortisians are skilled in magic, but only Bortus has risen to the level of summoner in the Mount Mox Tournaments. He taunts and summons like he has something to prove to everyone who watches, and he absolutely hates the fact that his name rhymes with tortoise. Frankly, the comparison of a glorified Tortisian summoner to a common tortoise is offensive to Bortus.


It is Water Monster and placed it at first position, yeah it is one of the best monster to use in little league line up, because it has many skills abilities of fight in war. it has ability of taking breath in deep dark area of sea , has ability to deceive the opponent in fight. it is has good health energy and also has 2 shield so in little league battle rule it is very much important that monsters has good health and shield for protection so spinback turtle has both abilities and its has ability of cheat also that make him very much unique and strong in battle against enemy so my purpose was this to keep it at first place in battle . total mana cost was to use this was 4 mana, and then it is one of the best card to use in little league line up in first position because of good health energy and protection shield. because these both ability help very much in battle to win the battle in any level monsters . so as i said that in training and for the peace many animals came to take training , so this spinback turtle also was very much worry and he also joined the village monsters team to fight again cruel dragon so in little league this spineback turtle leaded the army and stood at first position .

Spineback Turtles live around the edges of the Dark Water, in the inner seas of ΛZMΛRÉ. They can breathe air, but the incredibly harsh climate of the Water Splinter makes the recesses of the deep more comfortable. They are generally gentle creatures, but when roused to battle,they are shockingly difficult to destroy.


TORTISIAN FIGHTER has good attacking abilities at first place, so it has also one good shield and good health power but reason of entering this card in battle was only this that if enemy killed my first monster in 2nd round with help of magic attack then this card ability to control the first place, because this one monster has good attacking strong ability of attack, it attack destroy the enemy first line up very badly so it was plan in my mind that if my first card stay for 3 round then after death of the first lineup this card will be one of the best monster so this monster is well trained so in little league line up rule fog of the war , this card is one of the best monster at 2nd position in any level, but in earth quake rule this is not good card, because in earth quake rule battle, flying ability monster at 2nd place is best with same health .

Tortisians are one of the newest civilized race to find their way into the Splinterlands from the other side of the world. They are naturally a seafaring people, and while they cannot breathe underwater, Tortisians can hold their breath for several minutes at a time. Their shells act as powerful floatation devices, never allowing one to be dragged under or to tire from swimming. In battle, the Tortisian Fighters make use of ancient martial arts forms handed down by their people. They carry spears, but seldom need to use them.


i placed at 3rd place These jungle vines , these jungle vines are very much useful in the battle because every things in war play very much important role but in these jungle vines has many dangerous tiny mouth that drink the every drop of blood from the enemy body. when these vines wrap around the body of monsters then monsters has no power to move here and there and after wrap around the body of monster, these plant start to drink the blood from the body of enemy then there is no chance for the opponent to fight against vines plant so in this battle i placed it at 3rd position because it has strong attacking ability and good health also,it is not easy for opponent that they killed it in first round or in first attack but it has ability to kill the opponent monster in first attack if enemy monster has 3 health power, so because of its 3 strong attacking power i placed it at 3rd position , here i will say with out any doubt that this is one best monster to use in little league rule battle because of strong attacking ability , and it is very hard to find strong attacker monster in little league with only 4 mana cost.

hope you got my point of using this card and i will recommend to use this card in little league rule

These jungle vines look harmless enough at a distance, but with a closer look you will notice tiny toothed mouths all over the surface of the plant. If you dozed off, the vines would quickly wrap around your entire body and sink the teeth in. Over the next ten minutes, they would drain every ounce of liquid from you, desiccating you alive.


reason of using this monster at 4th place is it has healing ability of first position monster in battle in each round . so it has also one shield protection, and also health is good. i used it because my first monster need more more health , but in little league only we can use 4 mana monster or less but this tank healing can increase the ability of health in each round of war, so this healing tank help the first position monster to keep health increase, its mean this work as doctor in battle, so villager also trained doctores to help the wound solider in battle field so here i will say that it is one of the best card that is very much useful in little league rule battle, and never miss to place it or healing tank monster in battle,

so if you all my friends watch my battle video you will see that this healing tank ability monster , helped in each round to increase the health of first position monsters that make the possible victory in the battle. first last reason and purpose of this monster to place was to help the first position monster to restore the health of portion in each round that it did work in the battle, but in earth quake and in no armour rule this card is not useful

he intelligent Crustaceans of ΛZMΛRÉ are the result of ancient genetic experiments. They became too smart to be contained, escaped from their bondage and developed their own city on the edge of the Dark Water. Led by the Crustacean King, they farm the vast kelp fields of ΛZMΛRÉ.


it has good magical attacking ability , so just 4 mana cost that is allowed in battle of little league, so reason of selecting in line up is its magical strong attack, but if mana of battle is over than 24 than we have chances to select 6 monsters so in this way if we are choosing this one then keep this monsters in centre to protect them, because it attack direct to health of monsters and it target the last monster of enemy , so in this way if we will keep it at last position then enemy last sneaky monster will attack it, and its health line is very much low, always try to keep it at center position at the safe place, because it will attack last monster in this way this will break the last lineup of enemy and other monster will attack first position and 2nd so in this way it will be very much easy to get victory in battle, so i placed it 4th for this reason, and in little league battle, it is one of the selection to make the line up best in little league, but i will never suggest this monster in earth , without armour rules so this will be not helpful in earth rule in little league rule.

Also known as Warlocks of the Ocean, Coral Wraiths are the dark and frightening sorcerers of the deep. Stories say that they were once air breathers who grew tired of life on land. Through a magical alliance with the Mer Dark, they gave up their lives above the water forever.



it is one fighter, it is very much speedy strong monster .he attacks to enemy monster with very sharp arrow . its bow has very much strong, so i placed it at last position. because of its speedy action of fight and target enemy monster with ranged magic or no attack that are not in the first positions.

so if i look at my lineup that is one of the best lineup in little league, i used every ability of monster in this battle, here is monster of strong health, and strong attack from first place, there is monster that helped the first position monster to restore some portion of health in each round, it was tank heal, so there is monster in this line that attack direct to health and target last monster of enemy,

so i proud of my line up that has every abilty of attack to enemy side .so it is one of the best line up, but here i will say with out any hesitation, that if the battle is little league combine of earth quake rule then this line up is not good to use in earth quake rule or less than 24 mana game.

The Centaurs of Anumün can skewer a squirrel from further than a human eye can see. Their arrows are thick, their bows are long, and they are extremely territorial. In close combat, they require no weapons, having the fury of a man and the strength of a horse.


@yousafharoonkhan VS @pomelo-pancake


First Round battle screenshot


Difference between mine and my opponent lineup in battle

in above screenshot you can see my line up and my opponent lineup, there is huge different in plan, so with honestly , i will say that 4th monster of my enemy is not good , here should be good health monster , becasue total mana of battle was over 44 , and here i will also say that last card of my opponent also is not good selection reason is that i placed monster that only attack last monster of enemy then in this way, my opponent monster has low health monster , in this way my monster of 3rd place will kill him in first round because its attacking is 3 .

first position card is best from opponent , but here if you look all the monster, there is no one healing tank ability monster, so it is very much necessary that we have mana over 24 , but we are not using healing monster that will help to restore the health of first monster in battle in each round its mean we are going to enter in battle with wrong monster lineup, so you can observe here i described the weakness of my opponent lineup in this little league, hope you all will get good points with this review also.





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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Very detailed and long post. I think the other users will find it very useful. I also love water decks but I am more into the old cards and the Alric summoner, But I heard Bortus works great too! Keep playing and creating awesome content just lie this one.

Thank you very much for appreciation yeah i will do my best boom boom splinterlands