Pranks Do Go Wrong

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If we are really current about what is going on these days on our social media we will admit that Pranks is taking the order of the day.
Youtube is filled with so many people, friends, couples, and even family pulling pranks and having fun while selling on their channels.
A few days ago, I realized it has gone down to Facebook too.
I wouldn't lie, some of those videos of pranks are fun to watch, it makes one laugh and forgets their worries and stress.
And most times when I am too stressed for the day, I go surfing the internet for short clips, videos, and more, and in the process, I always bump into these prank videos.

I have seen recent ones on the Facebook video panel that I don't even need to go surfing Youtube most times.
I bumped into a really disturbing one a few days ago and it got me wondering.
I don't wanna sound so judgmental and I never lied about enjoying those pranks and watching them do it.
A wife can decide to prank her husband and vice versa, likewise the children on their parents and vice versa.
But there is this particular prank video that I watched that wasn't settling so well with me and for the fact that it wasn't just some kind of prepared prank video but a live video
I know it's fun to have fun and catch cruises but is it applicable to all things? All areas of our life?

Take, for example, one of the prank videos I watched a lady pranking her husband with her flow (monthly cycle).
She made a live video prank on her husband as if she was on her flow and then her husband was trying to end the video thinking she was actually seeing her period for real and he was worried about her and letting the world see his wife while she is having her menstrual flow.

After much dragging, the wife suddenly told her husband it was a prank. That she used the hot sauce on her laps to make it look like her period.
The husband was already dead worried and trying to clean her up away from the live video.
She laughed and had so much fun with her viewers while her husband was upset telling her that the level of the prank was too high for her to make a live video and pretending to see her monthly period.
It took a well and lots of apologies from the wife and even the viewers for the husband to forgive her for pranking him with such a serious matter and in such an intense way.

When Prank Go Wrong

I know we love fun and we love playing tricks and being mischievous but some matters shouldn't be played with.
There are certain things we shouldn't trick people about.
We can have all the fun we want and catch all the cruises but we should be able to detect what things we should prank people and those we shouldn't ever think of doing.

I also recall a scenario that a fellow worker, friends actually, told his colleague that his wife got into an accident but it was just a prank yet the caused the young man to faint.
For crying out loud how would you use your mouth to proclaim bad things and misfortune for other people all in the name of prank?

Words are powerful, our tongue is a powerful weapon so we should always be careful what we say and how we use it less we destroy another person's life unconsciously.
I am thankful that the young man's wife didn't get into any trouble and then the other guys tried to revive and resurrect the young guy who fainted after receiving the bad new prank about his wife's accident.

No matter how harmless pranks may appear to us, we should always be careful with what we say, do, or what we joke and play about.
Pranks do go wrong and it's not always a good one.
There should be a certain level to the things we joke about or tend to have fun and cruise about.

We shouldn't take things lightly because we don't know what would happen the next second.
We can't be joking about everything and trying to trick people with everything.
Some things are not to be joke about no matter how much fun we wish or want to have.
Please let us be more mindful and careful with what we play about.

Social media is a place to have fun but we have had many dramatic situations already and this new prank game shouldn't add to it.
Play wisely!
Prank with caution!
Lead a happy and peaceful life!

So guys what do you think about the situation of the lady I mentioned earlier?
Do you find it funny that she did what she did and got the husband all worried?
What about the second prank? What is your say on that one too? Pranking their friend about his wife's accident which made the man faint.

What can you say about the two cases? I have stated my view on this and I would love to also hear from you guys what you think.
So head over to the comment section and let's talk, shall we?

Thank you for visiting my blog today and reading my post. I appreciate your time. I welcome your comment and your upvote will be very much appreciated too.



I don't know why I feel like most of these prank videos on social media are scripted.

Whatever it is, these things should be done carefully because if something went wrong then it may hurt us both physically and mentally.

Yes dear. I also feel the same way but this particular woman that went live is what I can't really tell.
Anyway we should be mindful of what we joke about especially on social media.
Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you.

🤣🤣🤣, but most of the pranks are fun while I find others disturbing just like the second.

A few days ago, I watched a lady prank her husband in a shopping mall, you know she told her husband that she forgot something at home, but went into the changing room to change her cloth into a wrapper she tied.

Although she looked beautiful on that wrapper but I just couldn't imagine myself doing that even though she actually did not tie that from her house down to the shopping mall, it was disturbing to see such an act.

Thank God her husband isn't the bulldozer husband, although at first, he did not see it as funny as the viewers and his wife saw it but when he realized it was a prank, I had to calm down. Realizing that his wife wasn't going mad. All through I heard him saying, my wife has gone mad, he told his little kid to also tell her mother that she is going mad.

Although, it was fun and the wrapper if tied well, looked beautiful that no one will realize that it was a wrapper. Good enough, it wasn't here in Nigeria, so most of those people over there did not know what she was wearing, just maybe they saw it as a fashion.

My question was, what if the husband had slapped her for pulling such a naughty prank in a shopping mall?

Nowadays, the pranks people are pulling, are actually becoming hilarious and scary.

Lol. Funny enough I wanted to include that particular incident here too because I also watched that prank. It's the same family and the same woman that pulled the first prank I mentioned here.
I am glad the husband isn't that type of a husband because some would have disgraced their wives there at that moment

And she was still looking very good with the wrapper and people were looking at her wondering what was going on with her lol.